22 March 2020

Just my Thoughts on Mother Earth and the Virus

It is without a doubt a time of uncertainty and fear. And so now is when we reclaim moments with our immediate family and slow down. To share time and meals without technology, and if we do, to instead just be present together.

We need to honor, respect, and appreciate nature and Mother Earth so much more (my opinion: I do fear we are being rushed earlier for mass change because we have just pushed it too much with nature. We mass produced, toxically polluted our waters, land, and air, so that as expected, any disease easily has evolved and continues to be ahead of the data for us to learn how to “fix” it), and nature is speaking loudly to us. If we don’t radically change things, make different choices, we are on the way to a life we have nightmares about.

The rain pounding Desecheo.
When things return to what it was like before, may we also learn to support our local businesses,
local farms, to learn how to appreciate doing things on our own, living off our own land (if we can) to whatever degree it may be (anywhere from having our own chickens as is so popular nowadays, to even just making our own tinctures and balms and sprays and medical remedies), because we can no longer blindly trust something on a grocery store shelf. We continue to be brainwashed and assume it had to go through rounds and rounds of safety testing before it got to us; it hasn’t. It has chemicals that disrupt your hormones. It is carcinogenic. That means it can cause cancer. All of it. Yes, even Clorox.

Hopefully this is when we also completely revolutionize and speak loudly how we want to receive information from health and government officials.

I hope we take time away from modern day news, to publicly denounce and demand that the 24 hour news cycle completely and totally and finally implodes.

We are an obsessed audience, allowing one bad feeling to override the next, we have completely succumbed to the brainwashing of the 24 hour news cycle, to the nastiness of politics and more, simply because it is thrown in our faces over and over again, and we don’t even understand the majority of what is “interpreted” by the news. We just feel constant anxiety and panic which will lead to anger and arguments amongst ourselves.

Instead, research on your own. Watch the news but NEVER take the “translation” of the news from a politician or a news reporter. They are there to give us the information. They are not there to editorialize or translate or feed us how we should think because just like commercials, when we are force fed information from thousands of different angles about one thing, we end up spouting whatever someone else’s agenda may be. We, the people, should do our own research and then make informed decisions.

If your opinions are based on interpretations from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, PBS - you are getting a skewed news source. If you are getting your opinions from your friends on Facebook on who to vote for or how to feel about something - it’s not okay. It is all, dare I say it, an attempt to reprogram our very way of thinking to someone else’s agenda.

Research extensively on your own first and then have the opinion that you developed by yourself. Trust yourself. We are the people our forefathers planned to one day have for this great country, and yes, I think they would completely scoff at how we take in the news. I think they would be disgusted.

Do your own research on anything. It is only then that you can make your informed decision and develop your own unbiased opinion.

This is just my own little thought. Feel free to cut me to pieces in the comments.

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