When the little was little - now, he's going to be seven. SEVEN.
By day, the Coffee and a Book Chick (also known as Natalie) is a proud mommy, who once had a regular Corporate job requiring incessant amounts of travel away from her family. Finding herself with hours in an airport or hotel, or quiet time while the best baby in the world napped, reading became the only source of excitement while on the road.

With sixteen years in Corporate Business in the staffing and health industries specializing in operations, contract compliance, project management, communication, and recruiting, the Coffee and a Book Chick also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland in English with a minor in Creative Writing.

Today, she freelances. And she's never been happier.

In 2014, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer when her baby was only seven-months-old; it was caught in time, not early. After a double mastectomy, multiple rounds of chemo, radiation, and two reconstructions, it's 2020 right now, and she's just now feeling that things are all in her rear view mirror. But that anxiety always makes her look over her shoulder.

After losing her mother in 2004 and her father in 2019 (one day after her birthday) and also along the way losing her beloved Roma the Dog and Puppy the Cat while living in Puerto Rico for the most recent 3 years, she is determined to put the Corporate world aside forever and instead focus on controlling her future, her work, and just being with the loves of her life. Her husband and son, and currently two cats, forever feed her desire to pursue complete and total fulfillment in living.

She firmly believes in the old adage that if you don't like to read, it's because you haven't found the right book.

And also, it's one life. Spend it living life well, with good people, and with good books. 

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