Five years ago, I was traveling on a long trip to Washington, DC for business.  I got there in early October and I had a room at a hotel that soon became my apartment for three months.  The weather was getting colder in the area, and I was starting to feel that crisp sense of creepiness that comes about with shorter days and colder nights.

I hadn't had a chance to read a thing -- I was working so many hours that by the time I walked out of the office building to head back to the hotel on the second week there, I knew that I had to get something to read, or I would go crazy with another night spent watching boring television or poring over reports and paperwork.  I headed to the local bookstore and milled around, feeling that sense of being alive that all of us bookworms share.  The coffee roasting, the people eyeing the recommended books...ahhh.

And that's when I saw it.  The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, sitting on the shelves and beckoning me.  I picked it up, reading the book flap and instantly went to purchase without looking at another book.  I hurried back to the hotel, the night closing in on me, and I opened the book at my hotel desk, a cup of coffee to warm my chilled hands.  Within minutes, I was swept up and fearfully looked over my shoulder at every sound.  I had fallen in love.

Five years later, I was excited to connect with Tedious & Brief to co-host a read along.  This would be his first time reading The Historian, and it was on my shelf to re-read this year as well. And thus, On the Ledge Read Alongs was born...

The button is on my sidebar and we're hoping that anyone and everyone who wants to read (or re-read) The Historian will find some time to read about 100 pages each week starting September 20th for 6 weeks, ending on Sunday, October 31st for Halloween.  It should add well with any other creepy Halloween-esque challenge that you are participating in.  The schedule and overall vision is described on the welcome post.  All you need to do is jump onto the page, click on the "Follow" button to follow along, and pick up the book in time to start chatting by Sept. 20th.

So stop on over to On the Ledge Read Alongs...think about joining and reading 100 pages a week (or however many that you can) and participating in an ongoing weekly fireside chat to review all things spooky and debate the question on Dracula...is he myth?  Or is he...something more?

I hope you join!  We look forward to all of you jumping on board!

Join Me and Tedious & Brief!  It will be so much fun!
Coffee and a Book Chick

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