18 July 2010

Many Thanks to Enchanted by Josephine!

I'm tickled, dancing with glee, and thoroughly thrilled to have won How to Mellify A Corpse: And Other Human Stories of Ancient Science & Superstition, by Vicki Leon from the fabulous blogger Enchanted by Josephine.  Click on her site to read her review!  Enchanted by Josephine has fantastic insights and such a creative page, I'm sure you will all enjoy!

Now, it's a Sunday, so while I wait with anticipation for the Vicki Leon book in the mail, I'm off with my cup of coffee and opening up The Monsters of Templeton, by Lauren Groff.  I'm a little late in the game on this one as it was published by Hyperion in 2008 and I'm just now getting around to it!  I will blame my library of books that continues to grow!  So far, I'm finding it quite a thrill and I can't wait to finish this before my vacation to Key West next week!  What will you be reading today?

Happy Reading!
Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. Congrats on your win! And I have yet to read that Templeton book - so I'm looking forward to your review of it. And that is so fab that you are heading to the Keys - I love going there. Its such a great place to unwind - such a laid back pace. I love walking on Duval and hitting Blue Heaven for their yummy pancakes. Hope you have a wonderful time there!!

  2. Congratulations on your win! I'm catching up on comments and my fave blogs! btw, looked everywhere for your email address but can't find it....wanted to thank you for your comment about my new mentor :-)

  3. Thank you! I'm so excited, can't wait to read it -- doesn't it sound crazy interesting?

    Nadia -- So far, can't put Monsters of Templeton down, I hope it stays this way! And I'll be in Key West in 4 days -- I can't wait!! It's my 4th time in 5 years so it's safe to say that it's one of my fave places! :)

    Stacy -- Thanks a bunch, you're the best! My email is in the Review Policy section, but you just made me realize that I should (duh!) put it in the About section...whoops! :) Here it is coffeeandabookchick (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. I'm reading Of Bees and Mist right now, which is a wonderful, wonderful family saga in magical fantasy form. Very fun!

    By the way, the look of your blog is lovely! And, I love that photo of Italy in your sidebar. Didn't know you went there for your honeymoon as I did with my honey in 2001.

  5. Bellezza -- I've heard of the books Of Bees and Mist but haven't picked it up, but it sounds great! I love that type of story line, it really just sweeps me away!

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog format, which is a real treat for me since I adore yours so very much! I've been playing around with a few things here and there and trying to keep it neat and clean, but I'm slowly learning! And I miss Italy so very, very much! My honeymoon was the 2nd time I've been there, and I wanted to move there right away -- Formia is where my husband's extended family is from as well and that is the place in the sidebar picture. We had a fabulous couple of days there before traveling on -- I meant to add more pics on the side for Formia, but my Mac wasn't cooperating on that particular day and I meant to go back and add more!! It's nothing like the real thing, but I love visiting Italy again by looking at our pictures!

  6. I just bought a remaindered trade paperback of The Monsters of Templeton recently. I loved Lauren Groff's short story collection, Delicate Edible Birds, so I hope to love Monsters, too. The cover is delicious, that's for certain!

  7. I just read a review of this one and it looks kind of fun. It also made me google mellify, which might have been a mistake...

  8. This looks SO interesting! I definitely need to read this. As does The Monsters of Templeton (this is already on my wishlist). And can I just say what a lovely blog you have here.

  9. SogniESorrisi -- I love to win, especially a book!

    Andi -- I've heard of Lauren Groff's short stories, I think I'm definitely going to have to put it on the TBR list!

    Soft Drink -- Ha! Sometimes Google can be a little frightening, huh? :) I always worry when I type too fast as well...

    Chasing Bawa -- Thanks for such kind words! I can't wait to read How to Mellify a Corpse!


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