04 August 2010

Rozlyn Press is Looking!

You know you've been working on something.  Maybe it's hidden somewhere in the recesses of your crafty mind that comes out every now and again in spurts of amazing rushes of brilliant writing.  Or maybe you've been working on something, but you've never been published before, and the very thought of trying to research who you should submit your work to frightens the you-know-what out of you.  I might have a suggestion for you...

Rozlyn Press is now accepting submissions from unpublished female fiction writers through September 30th, 2010!! This is an exciting new press and I feel compelled to encourage you all to pass the word to help find the next Elizabeth Kostova, Gillian Flynn, or Alice Hoffman!  (Those are just a few of my favorites!)  We know it's possible, the next one is out there and just curiously in the shadows, waiting to be discovered but not quite sure how to put that first step forward.

The genres they specialize in are:
  • Literary fiction (mystery & suspense)
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Magical realism

The site has everything that you need to understand submission requirements, timeline, and the like.  So I suggest you forward this little nugget of outstanding excitement and good energy, and nose around to see if you have the next amazing novel or if you know someone who's been dying to send something in...

Happy Writing!

Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. The questions is... when are YOU going to send something in?

  2. Oh my, this gave me chills. Could this be the incentive I need to finish that manuscript?

  3. @ Estela -- Ooh, maybe one day!! :) If I could string words together to make a developed character...maybe!! They are looking for an unpublished writers, so I do fit the bill on that one! :)

    @ Ravenous Reader -- Don't you love it when you get chills? It means you're heading in the right direction! This is an exciting opportunity! You should send your manuscript into them!! I'm a fan of the Facebook site and saw that they posted that updated today and I had to forward it out to our fun group of bloggers in the community!

  4. I consider myself a lousy writer (so gave up) but I twittered this announcement in case it's useful for someone else.


  5. Awesome post. Thanks for passing on the word.

  6. Oh wow! I have got to finish my book...is yours ready????

  7. what a great opportunity for all the next famous author! i can't undertake something of this magnatude but wish everyone else lots of luck!