18 September 2010

Dead Politician Society, by Robin Spano

Another Crazy Book Tours selection with Dead Politician Society, A Clare Vengel Undercover Novel, by Robin Spano!  With its almost vintage 1950s mystery cover, a la graphic novel, I was intrigued.

Clare is just past the age of twenty-one and is a police officer working boring breaking and entering cases and somehow gets a crack at going undercover when the local mayor dies at a political event.  Reasons abound for Clare to become a student at the University of Toronto, and her Political Science class offers more than enough suspects to find a killer who has made killing politicians a priority to spread the word about a secret society that won't stand for two-faced elected representatives.  Clare can carry a weapon, fix a car, and make rookie mistakes in her first chance to wear a different identity.

I have to admit, I was worried to read it because I had a little bit of a preconceived notion that I might not like it.  The story line sounded interesting, but for some reason, I thought it was up my alley -- within the first few pages, I was hooked and read it in one sitting, laughing and enjoying the ride along the way.  The chapters change from one character's perspective to another, and although it took me a few chapters to feel a little comfortable with it, I fell right into it and had a blast with this.  The dialogue was snappy and natural, and the characters were developed and interesting -- Clare's interactions with her "handler," a more senior officer were frustrating and hilarious.  I mean, could he just say one nice thing or pat her on the back just once?  I wanted her to tell him off but I relished each time she had to meet with him.

Robin Spano has put together exactly what you want in a murder mystery with a strong chick as the lead who's just getting her feet wet in all things law and order.  I probably never would have thought to pick up this book had I not had a chance to review it for the
Crazy Book Tours, and I'm glad I did.  You can better believe it when I tell you that I'm amped and ready to read book two when it comes out.

Happy Reading!

Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. I'm definitely intrigued! But how could I not be with a heroine that shares my name and my nationality? Can't wait to check this one out!

  2. Sounds interesting. I always love when a book surprises me when I'm worried that I might not like it.

  3. Claire at The Captive Reader -- Definitely check it out! I was really surprised that I'd get so into it, and it's a quick and fun read.

    Lisa -- It really is a fun treat when that happens! I didn't think I would, but I still wanted to jump into it (I confess, the book cover drew me in!), and then within a few pages, I was hooked! I love that!

  4. Dead Politician Society is a real page turner. Its characters are quirky and interesting. The author has managed to portray their strengths and flaws beautifully, and I wanted to spend time with them. I also couldn't wait to find out who was killing the politicians! You've got to read this book! It's great!

  5. Brenna -- It is a really fun read, I think you might enjoy this one!

    Carole -- I agree, there were quite a number of wonderful twists and turns, and I really enjoyed the characters; what a shock at the end, huh?!

  6. I do like the cover ... you're right -- it looks like a 1950s movie cover! I think I would make a terrible undercover cop .. I'm sure my cover would be blown in the first few minutes.

  7. This sounds really great. I will definitely add it to my TBR. Thanks for reviewing it and bringing it to my attention!

  8. Jenners -- Oh, you and me both, sister -- I can't imagine being an undercover detective. I would be fired before I could finish my first day, I'm sure!

    pickygirl -- I would love to get your thoughts on this! Let me know if you read this one, and you should check out her super-fun website, too!

  9. I can't wait to read it next in the tour! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I love it when a book surprises us!

  10. Sounds like a fun book! I have seen this one around. I may have to read it. I like a good mystery!

  11. I haven't read your review yet, but I'm really enjoying this one. I'll come back and comment when i'm finished.

  12. Jennifer at Crazy for Books -- It definitely surprised me, and I'm so glad I picked this one to read! Thanks, I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are, too!

    Carin B. -- It was very fun! Let me know if you get a chance to pick it up and read it!

    Mrs. Q: Book Addict I can't wait to see what you thought!


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