02 November 2010

Coffee and Fate, by R.J. Erbacher AND GIVEAWAY...

Did I just read all of that in a tiny little book?  I'm stunned.  I can't believe what I've just experienced.

I thought I'd be able to read it right away but life got in the way.  It sat on my desk unabashedly, and quietly waited for me to pick it up and read just one page.  So I finally got a chance on this stormy night and opened to the first page.

One sitting.  That's all it took to read 134 pages of page-flipping anxiety and tension mounting to see what would happen next.  It would have been criminal of me to take a break and deprive myself of reading it all at once.  I could not put it down.

Val is a young black woman who has just entered into college, and Bud is an older white man in his seventies -- quite an odd friendship that they develop from one afternoon at a coffee shop because of unexpected events.  Bud has an ability to know things, and Val has her own special abilities.  A connection between the two is born and the ultimate inevitability of fate begins to play its incredibly twisted game.  What choices would you make if you could see the future?  What about the ability to move stuff physically without touching it?  How would you use that power?  Is it a gift?

I cannot in good conscience tell you any further details or events about this story because it would destroy the opportunity to experience this firsthand and to flip the pages as I did.  Suffice it to say that there is the slight chance that there might be some readers that get a tad...uncomfortable in a few sections, but isn't that what happens when you mess with fate and then maybe have to do a little backpedaling to adjust?

The writing was absolutely fantastic, one chapter flowing to another with such an ease that is missing in most highly promoted and publicized books.  The subject matter and events experienced by Val and Bud are astonishing, comforting, and extraordinary.

To be quite honest, I'm stunned that there isn't more of a scramble to read this incredibly creative book and discover the twisted little maze of life's game.  This is a powerhouse story in a tiny little book that packs more jaw-dropping moments and speechless intensity than some overly promoted books from large publishing houses. I'm waiting for this little story to take the world by storm. R.J. Erbacher has created a calculated and gripping account of what happens when sometimes, you screw around with fate, and sometimes, when you can't.
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FTC Disclosure:  Thanks to the author for sending me a copy of his book.

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  1. I am a follower . I would love to enter if this is International. Thanks!

  2. Sounds very interesting--I love finding the less-marketed but still awesome books. Small presses and self-pub can really turn out some good ones! I follow. :-)


  3. Would love to read this. If it's international, throw my name in the hat too!

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  4. What more could you want coffee, a good book, and now fate :)

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  5. WOW...you sound pretty enthusiastic here; i'd love to win.....thanks

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  6. Sounds like such a treat of a book! I would love the enter the giveaway - Thanks!

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  7. I read a review of this on Sandy's blog, and thought it sounded fabulous. It looks like I was not wrong! It sounds like something I would love. I would love to be entered in your giveaway, and if I am not the winner, I am surely going to buying this book!


  8. I think this sounds amazing and like you surprised I haven't seen it around, thanks for wanting to share it with us.

    I am adding to my Wishlist but will keep fingers crossed to win and share it also.


  9. This sounds really good! I would love to read it! bkalmer(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. The novel sounds facinating! I'd love to read it and post on it. Put my name in the hat!

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  12. Sounds like a good read. tediousandbrief (at) gmail.

  13. How could I not want to read Coffee and Fate, after such a wonderful review! Thank you for sharing your copy. Beth Anne

  14. This seems a really good book. I can't believe you are giving it away, which is really generous of you.

    I'm "international" (aren't we all?, but I mean, not from the North American continent).

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  15. Wowza! This sounds great!


  16. Ohh.. This book looks amazing =D

    I'd love to enter if this is international =D

    Thank you.. =D

    And I like the cover ;D

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  17. Sounds awesome! Would love to read it.

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  18. Sounds wonderful!

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  19. Sounds fantastic. I am a follower and I hope I win!!

  20. sounds so interesting! i just randomly stumbled upon your blog tonight. i love books, so this is a great blog for me :) check out my blog too if you want. i actually just posted about 'the friendship of books'. :)

  21. Wow, I am impressed. All the enthusiasm you have put into this post, makes me want to read it right away. I am sure I won't get this right away in our local bookstore... I will enter here :)

    Thank You
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  22. I would love to enter! Nice giveaway. THANKS.


  23. I'm in. You make it sound so good, I've got to read it...

  24. Wow, I just found your blog and what a great review for me to start with. How could I not go for it.


  25. Wow this book sounds incredibly powerful! What a fantastic find!


  26. No, I have never heard of this one before but now I want to read it.
    Your review was excellent and did it's job. Got the word out and makes me want to read it.
    thanks for the contest and if I win I will read it and pass it along as well.


  27. Great review! Definitely going to add this to my to-read list. I want to find out what their special abilities are! :) Thanks for the post.

  28. This sounds fabulous...I'd love to read it.

  29. i love the sound of this one! your blog is the second one i visited tonight, and i'm excited for ANOTHER rave review of a book. even if i don't win, i would like to pick this one up. thank you for the review and giveaway!
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  31. Sound like an amazing book! I would love to be entered in the giveaway, please. Angie

  32. "To be quite honest, I'm stunned that there isn't more of a scramble to read this incredibly creative book and discover the twisted little maze of life's game."

    I am intrigued! I'd love to win a copy. hsfargis @ bellsouth . net
    And I'm a follower!

  33. THIS one went straight to my to-buy list on Goodreads! The other reviewer there states the same thing, so if I don't win, I'm getting it anyway! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  34. If I am not too late, please throw my name in!



  35. ah man i just missed entering! I'm going to have to find me a copy of this book... it sounds wonderfully delicious!

  36. Thanks to everyone for entering!! This is definitely a keeper of a book, in my opinion!