11 January 2011

Deep Storm, by Lincoln Child - Audiobook Review

Dr. Peter Crane is a former Navy doctor who has been requested to come to an oil rig to uncover the source of a mysterious medical condition that seems to be affecting the workers.  However, when he gets there, he is then informed that he needs to actually head down to Deep Storm, the most extensive and technologically advanced science research center - which also happens to be located miles beneath the water's surface and sits directly on the ocean floor.  The team at Deep Storm is trying to dig below the ocean's floor to unearth what could potentially be the city of Atlantis.

While there, Dr. Crane begins to investigate the patients that have come down with a wide range of random illnesses, even heart attacks in perfectly healthy people. Although blocked by Marine guards to gain access to secure levels, he continues to research the random symptoms and abrupt hysteria and he soon learns that there is much more to this potential Atlantis dig then he expected.  Once he finds out the true details, it becomes a race to do everything that he can in his power - to stop the dig.

Without divulging in spoilers, suffice it to say that I much preferred the beginning of the story more than the latter.  Once the real reason is uncovered, the story unfortunately is disappointing.  I found it belabored with its finality and I cringed when I then heard the narrator say the word "epilogue."

Quite an unfortunate turn of events for this reader (or listener), considering the storyline seemed engaging and exciting for me.  I enjoy a good adventure and thrill ride, and when it's combined with an ultra-unique setting such as a deep sea research site, and a highly confidential archaeological dig that could potentially reveal the fascinating legend of Atlantis, I was ready.  I thought that this was just the right story to hook me into the world of audiobooks.  Sadly, this was not the result I was hoping for.

I've been struggling to find the right audiobook, but this one was not the right one for my ten hour car ride over the holidays.

What about you?  Have you read/listened to this one and enjoyed it?  Or, what are your favorite audiobooks that you feel would be just the ticket for me to listen to?

Happy Reading,
Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. My husband and I listened to David Sedaris during our holiday traveling -- it was fantastic! It was my first time listening rather than reading Sedaris, and everythig I was told was right -- I think he's almost BETTER on audio than in print!

  2. BUT how did you like scott brick???? forget the book, tell me about the narrator! lol. don't give up on the genre--it takes some getting used to for some people. :)

  3. Mrs O Dell Reads - I was thinking about picking up David Sedaris; I should have gone with my gut! on that one!

    Nat @ book, line, and sinker - Yikes! You know, I should have indicated that Scott Brick did as good a job as could possibly be done, but unfortunately, it was so hard to relay my thoughts for him since I couldn't get past how disappointed I was in the story :( Okay, I will not give up with audiobooks, I promise. I just need a good one to draw me back in!

  4. oh yeah, that one was a terribly disappointing lincoln child book wasn't it!!! ugh! i hated it about half-way through it and normally i'm such a fan of his!
    try a tana french book on audio - just listening to the accent alone is stimulating enough let alone her storyline! good luck!

  5. Oh, I am sorry to hear this one was so disappointing! I don't usually like these types of books, but the cover is wonderful with all those colors! I am listening to The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, right now, and it's very good, but also very serious and dour. If you are looking for something a little more serious and less frothy, I would recommend it to you.

  6. I woman in my book club just loves Lincoln Child but I've never read any of his books. By the sounds of it I don't think I'll start with this one. Hope you have better luck with your next book.

  7. I've always struggled with audio books and have not yet found one that captured me like a printed book that I read. This one probably wouldn't do it for me either!

  8. Sounds good from the description. Sad this did not work out for you! I am sure there would be better audio books out there for you.

  9. I just finished listening to Great Expectations on audio narrated by the gifted Charlton Griffin and it was absolutely fantastic! When I listen to an audiobook, I imagine myself listening to a storyteller spin his tale.

  10. I just started reading "To Try Mens Souls" by Newt Gingrich (I really am just more interested in George Washington) and I find early morning before everyone rises I can fire up my keurig b60 and brew myself a quick cup of coffee, read for 30-45 minutes and my day goes much, much better.

    I love to read books, and am especially intrigued by Victorian times.


  11. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is one of my very favorite audio books. It's YA, but done so well and so rich I could listen to it over and over.


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