31 January 2011

Oh, my. Coffee and a Book Chick is on Facebook...

In an attempt to become more respectful of the gods of social media (or more accurately, at the risk of potentially bombarding the world with all things Coffee and a Book Chick), I wanted to let you know that I've created a Facebook page... I blame it all on good friends who peer pressured me into it.

My hope is to post bookish things that are too short to dedicate a full blog post on, yet too long to limit to 140 characters on Twitter. All just for fun. For giggles. For shock.

And I'd love it if you hopped on and became a fan!

Happy Reading, posting, and tweeting,
Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. Yay! Thanks for stopping by Svea; I've added you to Coffee and a Book Chick's favorite pages on my Facebook site!

  2. I have to deactivate my FB account so I can open just a FB page on my blog. You've inspired me to get busy...hope to follow you soon!

  3. Kittie - I've really been enjoying setting it up. Just curious, are you closing out a personal Facebook page to open up a business one? You should be able to maintain the personal one, and then just open up a separate business page - let me know if I understand and if I can help answer any questions on my weekend experience! :)

  4. Brilliant! More ways to keep in touch with what you're saying - I like. Hmmm, perhaps I should also set up a FB page.... perhaps when I get a few more follows?

  5. Yay! So cool, and I am now a fan!

  6. Kathmeista - You are too kind! Definitely set up a Facebook site - at the very least it's fun, and the most it's a great way to interact with other readers in a different forum!

    Nadia & Zibilee - Grazie, i miei amici! (I hope I wrote that correctly, I'm trying my Italian language practice today - thank you, my friends!)


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