28 March 2011

The amazing Library of Congress
I'm so thrilled to announce the winners to Ruta Sepetys' brilliant and heartbreaking Young Adult novel, Between Shades of Gray. This story provides insight into a piece of history that sadly, seems to be one that is rarely ever discussed. You can read my review of the book by clicking here, and read my interview with the author by clicking here.

Congratulations go out to the following winners:

I'm looking forward to your thoughts!

Happy Reading,
Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. Congratulations to Amanda and Sandy - you're in for a treat!

  2. I'm so stoked about this! I've wanted to read it since you mentioned it like way back in November or something, right when I'd first found your blog.

  3. So psyched about this book. Thank you!!!

  4. congrats, winners! i am about to start this one myself and am really looking forward to it. the blog buzz indicates it's going to be a poignant read.

  5. Congratulations Amanda and Sandy I hope you love the book as much as everyone else.

  6. Yay! Congratulations to the two of you! I know you will enjoy the book, as I have heard such great things about it!


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