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22 July 2011

One More Hop...

Paul here for more from my Tumblr site...
Side Note: I just love Paul Newman. He puts our current Hollywood actors to shame - vintage and ultimate sexy, you know? Anyway, my Tumblr account has lately included pictures that fit into what I think falls into "Because Reading Is Sexy." Enjoy the series!

Another great question this week, this time posted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books...

Question: What's the one genre you wish you could get into, but just can't?

My thoughts: When I think about it, there isn't one genre that stands out that I wish I could get into, but can't - I pretty much like them all. I admit that I don't like romance or self-help books at all, but they're not a genre I would want to get into anyway.

Other than that, I read it all: classics, Young Adult, contemporary fiction, women's fiction, chick lit, war novels, crime fiction, sci-fi (I'm looking at you, Ender's Game - I love that book!) - and now I can honestly say that I am enjoying the fantasy genre, thanks to George RR Martin! Although the Game of Thrones series is really more of a medieval saga with slight fantasy in it, at least in what I've read so far.

And you? What's a genre that you wish you could get into, but you can't? If you don't have a blog, answer in the comments below, or if you do have a blog, you can always join the Blog Hop.

Happy Reading,
Natalie, the Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. Yep, I cannot read self-help books either. I think I can read romance a little :)

  2. And I have no idea who this Paul guy is, but he makes reading look REALLY sexy :D

  3. Veens - Romance books are hard for me to get into. I travel a lot for work so I'd have to put some sort of cover over the book if I read it at the airport, maybe? Or download on the Nook? :)

    And Paul Newman is vintage American actor (although his career never died out, he was acting well into his seventies). He is divine! He passed away a few years ago. :( Even in his later years, he was just so sexy! *swoons*

  4. I wish I could get into fantasy and/or paranormal since so many people love them.

  5. I try with Steam Punk. I know it's all the rage right now...but I'm struggling. I'll keep at it though

  6. New follower, hopping thru. I can't read self-help either!

    FF -

  7. I've really got to read Game of Thrones! Everyone loves that book and for some reason it I keep passing it by when I go into my book room for a new read.

  8. I always have trouble getting into sci-fi. For some reason, I just have this mental block up against it, and when I read it, I tend to spend a lot of time negating it in my head. I really want to get over that, and my husband has given me a few books that might just turn that around for me. But I have to give them a chance first! Great question, Natalie!

  9. Gosh, i wish I could get into Fantasy more. I like the idea of it all but I just don't know where to begin at times.

    I see you are listening to The Distant Hours! I LOVED that book.

  10. Love, love, love that Paul Newman pic!

  11. hi! stopping by for the blog hop. I'll admit..i have purchased a self-help book or two but i don't think i ever got past the first few pages. And when it comes to romance novels...I can't get past the cover! :) happy friday!

  12. Ah Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. So handsome! Genres I don't do: crime, self-help, really fluffy chicklit, horror and business guru type things!

  13. Lovely photo of Mr. Newman!! I read just about everything, but I take a pass on paperback romances.

    Happy Hopping!

  14. I actually love self-help books, although I'm usually disappointed when my life doesn't magically change after I read them!

    Glad to have found you via the Hop :)

  15. In addition to horror, I haven't been able to get into sci-fi. I will have to read Ender's Game to see if that changes my view. Happy Hopping!

  16. Romance isn't my thing either. Since last week's pie chart about where I get my books was so popular, I thought I'd share what types of books I do read. Please stop by to see which genres I don't typically read.

  17. In all my growing up, I though Robert Redford was more handsome than Paul Newman. What was I thinking?! This photograph is mesmerizing! I'd love to just sit down beside him :)

  18. Oh man I love Paul Newman. Love this photo! Love your blog about reading is sexy! Awesome.


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