29 September 2011

Where Did the Old Instagram App Go?

A review today, but not bookish in the least. More of a rant.

What the heck happened?

Recently, Lisa at Buttery Books (book club fans, you must visit their site!), asked me what software I used for my recent photos, and I clarified that all shots over the past few weeks were actually shot on my iPhone 3, using my beloved Instagram app. Not only is it an app that helps your captured iPhone photos look even more amazing, it was another example of social media - I could link Instagram with my Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook accounts, and had the option each time I snapped a photo if I wanted to share it on any of my sites, all three at once, or just share it in the Instagram world only.

Then, a few days ago, Instagram "updated" their app. As a result of this "better" version, Instagram users lost three dramatic photo filters: Apollo (a fun 1960s-aged filter), Poprocket (a blast of red to punch up the shot), and Gotham (a darker black and white filter). To replace these, they added three (or four?) new filters that have the exact same look. After a few days playing around with it, I couldn't tell any difference between Amaro and Rise, etc... and the filters that did carry over like the Kelvin option? Washed out or grainy. So bizarre.

So I went ahead and submitted my review to iTunes. Here is my One Star review below, and I encourage you to wait for when the team hopefully rolls out a corrected version.

I woke up one day and found that the "update" was really a poorly diluted version of the previous app. Three significant filters (Apollo, Poprocket, and my favorite Gotham) are gone, and replaced with filters that all bizarrely look the same - which means they are all pretty much either grainy or washed out.

What a shame that the Instagram team implemented this version. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they realize their mistake, issue a Netflix-like apology to all of their users, and revert back to the previous version.

Bottom line? Don't download 2.0 - wait until the "real" update happens and they release 3.0 that is complete with corrections, original filters, and all with the unique punch that made Instagram the fun app they built their reputation off of.


  1. Thanks for the warning! I'll wait!

  2. Oh, that's unfortunate. I am (not so patiently) waiting for the iPhone5 to replace my detested Blackberry, and Instagram was going to be one of the first apps I download. I guess I'll be waiting now until they fix it!

  3. Oh, that's annoying. I use Instagram a fair bit, as well as Hipstamatic. Hopefully, they'll fix it soon.

  4. Oh, pooh! I just downloaded this! That stinks.