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18 October 2011

First Chapter, First Paragraph

After deciding he would get nothing of interest from the two old men who comprised the entire staff of The Weekly Islander, the feature writer from the Boston Globe took a look at his watch, remarked that he could just make the one-thirty ferry back to the mainland if he hurried, thanked them for their time, dropped some money on the tablecloth, weighted it down with the salt shaker so the stiffish onshore breeze wouldn't blow it away, and hurried down the stone steps from The Grey Gull's patio dining area toward Bay Street and the little town below. Other than a few cursory gleeps at her breasts, he hardly noticed the young woman sitting between the two old men at all.

First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros is a weekly feature hosted byBibliophile by the Sea. To participate, share your selection from the book you're reading.


  1. Oooo I want to read this bad. Do you watch Haven? The show based on this? I'm a huge fan.

  2. Juju - Yep, I'm a Haven fan and that's definitely why I picked this one up. It's a short read, so I should be able to conclude the reading and review it in the next couple of days. Love the show!

  3. I had not heard a lot about this book, but based on that paragraph, I would give it a whirl! Great intro today, Natalie!

  4. I really would read anything he has written, even though he HAS had some stinkers. He has such a unique writing style, you could spot him anywhere.

  5. I've been watching Haven and really enjoying it. I'm think I may have to give the book a try. I can't tell you the last time I read Steven King.

    Here's my teaser tuesday:

  6. Oh Natalie I am soooo sooo jealoous!!! I have been trying to get a copy of this book on paperback swap ever since I watched the first episode of haven last year! oooo, i cannot wait to read your review!!! i want all the juicy details!

  7. My wife loves this book -- we've got it in audio and paperback v (had to as we're Hard Case Crime addicts). I swore off SK after glutting myself on him in high school so I haven't read this yet but my wife keeps begging me to give it a try!

  8. Sorry I missed this post earlier Natalie -- stressful week. I love the cover of this one...just awesome, and based on the intro it would win my vote to read more.

    Thanks for joining in and I hope u love this one.


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