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23 October 2011

Well, in a week that saw everything from yet another pronouncement of the end of the world, Gaddafi's death which finalized the end of a 42-year reign of terror, and waking up this morning to news that sometime today, a satellite will be reentering the earth's atmosphere to crash somewhere over China (they think), I'd say it's been pretty busy.

On a more local and personal news front (and probably less exciting for you, but certain thrills for me), it's been a week of the past being discovered. I've run along and found the original Upstairs, Downstairs British TV series to while away my time, which is wonderfully fantastic, even if it is a bit dry due to the fact that it was filmed in the early 1970s, and well, we all know how some shows were written back then. There's a gazillion seasons of it, but I wanted to watch the first one or two before downloading the recent PBS remake of it featuring some pretty fantastic actors.

And to top it all off this week, I discovered (for myself, of course), Mr. Stephen King.

Silly, silly me. I read one short story from Stephen King in the early '90s, didn't like it, and wrote everything else off my entire life. I have been without for far too long, Sir Stephen, and I beg you for forgiveness.

I know I'm way behind the gravy train on this one, but I finally hunkered down and read The Colorado Kid, a novella that one of my favorite TV shows, Haven, is based on. Now, mind you, as you may have read in my review, the novella and the TV show are not tied to each other, and the ending of The Colorado Kid wasn't the most sufficient for me. It was King's Afterword, however, that made me forgive it considerably and then, with the urging of Boarding in My Forties' post on reading scary goodness, I decided to download 'Salem's Lot. I've been sufficiently creeped out this week and enjoying every second of it.

So while I'd love to chit chat away with you all, I need to get back to reading Mr. King and finishing The Lantern for the RIP read-along. I leave you with this picture of a truck in Virginia and I ask that you add whatever word needs to be added to make it a complete sentence. While hunting may be this random girl's "thing," the proper usage of "to" and "too" certainly isn't... (I mean, if you're going to put it on a bumper sticker, you should probably do the double- and triple-checking thing, right?)
Girls Hunt To...Please? Oh, you meant "too!"


  1. Wow. Scary world we live in. You just reminded me why I don't read or watch the news much. Thank God Mr. Whimsy keeps me posted.

    OMG that sticker is funnny! Makes me think of something I saw somewhere that said, "Grammar saves lives."

  2. Girls hunt find guys? have fun? see wildlife? OK, I'm out of guesses too, to, two. LOL

    Glad you have discovered the joy of Mr. King. SALEM'S LOT was my first experience with his writing, way back in 1977 or so. I was in college and it creeped me out and scared me to death. Lovely, huh? :-)

  3. That picture is hilarious! People, really... like you said if it's going to be a bumper sticker make sure it's correct!!

  4. It's one of my goals to watch all the seasons of Upstairs, Downstairs, too, though it's definitely a REACH goal. I wish it was available on Netflix - that would make it much easier!

  5. I haven't read books by King, so you are not alone. :)

    love the bumper sticker - only in Virginia...

  6. Here's a bumper sticker: Girls hunt to conquer!

    I haven't read any King for awhile, but I preordered the new one called 11/22/63. Can't wait!

    I know what you mean about things from the 70s...when I watch some of the movies from back then, it's cringe-worthy. I remember watching them at the time, and not seeing how they are...but that was then.

    But then there are TV shows on DVD now that I bought and watched...and loved. They were later in the 70s, though.

    Enjoy your week.


  7. That's a great bumper sticker. And that's the reason we proofread! :-)

    I gave up on King for a few years ago too but came back around. I won't say he's a favorite of mine, but I do appreciate his work now more than I used to.

  8. I love Stephen King, but only certain titles. I am a fan of Salem's Lot (it has proper vampires!), It, The Shining but especially Misery.

  9. oh my gosh, that truck. So incredibly ridiculous. Stupid at its finest.

    So glad you discovered Uncle Stevie! He is one of my all time favorite writers, and 'Salem's Lot is one of my favorites!

  10. Good luck with your reading. I haven't been able to read King - too scary!

  11. I hunt to...forget that I can't spell!

    I believe you need to try everything that is pre-Needful Things. That's where I stopped with King. Then, if you like him and want more, throw in Regulators, Desperation, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, The Cell, and Under the dome.

    But, stick to the early stuff, and enjoy it! It's King at his best!

  12. I still have not read anything by King, which is a huge oversight on my part, I think! I have a few of his books here on my shelves, and from what you say, It seems as though I should get started! I also ordered the first season of Haven and am going to be trying that out as well. Lastly, I love that picture! Very funny!

  13. I think girls hunt to find guys. I have to tell you I'm glad that was a random sticker and not on your vehicle.

  14. Adding on to Kathy's remark, yes they hunt guys, and that sign just waves a big flag over their heads that if the guy wants them stupid, look no further. Sheesh.

    Congrats on the discovery of Uncle Stevie. I've been reading him since junior high and love him. Unfortunately, many of his books are HUGE, but so so good.

  15. I would have had to resist the urge to leave a snarky note under the windshield wiper, lol! Haven't read King since college, but Salem's Lot was so creepy...

  16. What? I missed the end of the world?! Shoot! Maybe I'll catch it next time around.

    I still haven't read King but you have put me in the mood to try out Salem's Lot because girls hunt to find the perfect creepy book.

  17. So glad you found Upstairs, Downstairs. True, it is a bit dry at first, but I've been hooked on it since I was 17 (many years ago), and my mom and I would watch it together. Hopefully, we'll see Downton Abbey before the Rapture. I don't say that lightly, I'm ready for His return any day of the week; I'm only mocking the fools who dare to predict when that will be. :)

  18. I'm so glad that you enjoyed King! I never get tired of his great storytelling. Thanks for the shout out on your blog too!

  19. How about this: Girls Hunt To ... Eat!

    Yum, Squirrel Stew...

    Have a great week, Natalie :)

  20. Yayyy, Stephen King! I read his first three novels: Carrie, Salem's Lot, and The Shining, as a 15-year-old, and they were super creepy. I've had less luck with his later material. I've also come to love his son's, Joe Hill's, work.

  21. I just discovered "Upstairs, Downstairs" too!! Actually I heard about it on another blog a while back but just got around to watching it this past weekend while my hubby was bed ridden. Like you, I wanted to get a feel for the original before watching the remake. Season 1 was the only season that I could find on Netflix streaming - so if I decide to watch more I'll have to figure out another way. I loved it too! I love the look and feel of many 70s shows. If you haven't seen Fawlty Towers that's a pretty great one too - though it only aired for one season - 12 episodes total.

  22. I've read about the new Upstairs/Downstairs and have been curious about the original too (I loved the original Brideshead Revisited & highly recommend it if you haven't watched it). Is Upstiars/Downstairs available online or did you rent it from somewhere?


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