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14 December 2011

Winner of Holiday Giveaway Number 1

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A quick post for the winner of Holiday Giveaway Number 1 ~ Ellen from Fat Books & Thin Women! I don't know if she's in Albania or New Jersey right now, but the following books in the below picture are going in the mail this week! Congratulations!


  1. Congratulations to Ellen. These books look great!

  2. Congrats to the winner! (Also, I desperately want that lamp!)

  3. Congratulations Ellen! I want that lamp too!

  4. Ellen is a lucky girl. The books look great and I too LOVE that lamp! Great staging. Just found you via Reviews by Molly. I'm gonna be back for sure!

  5. Congratulations to the winner! I hope that she enjoys the books!

  6. Well done Ellen! I really like that lamp!

  7. Congratulations to Ellen ... and, yes, I'm on Pinterest, and I *love* that lamp!


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