02 December 2011

Wolf Hall Readalong - Twitter Chat

Wolf Hall might be a beast of a read (hence the Twitter birds with attitude above), so this is just a quick note to all of the Wolf Hall Readalong participants: Nicole and I are looking forward to everyone's thoughts on Sunday by way of your posts, but we also thought that for those on Twitter, we could take the conversation further by using the hashtag #WolfHallReadalong. When you're posting about it, feel free to use that hashtag so we can keep updated with everyone. Can't wait for Sunday!


  1. I am so hoping to join in this readalong, and can't wait to see what everyone has to say about the book! It's so neat that you two are doing this!

  2. Well, I finally started Wolf Hall! Grades were due this week, so no reading time. But this morning (okay, in the middle of a sleepless night), I started. See you Sunday, when I hope to be well into Wolf Hall....

  3. Darn, thanks to work and a holiday I missed out on the readalong. Maybe next year for Wolf Hall for me :(


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