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22 January 2012

The Sunday Salon: This and That

Alas, it's karma, my friends. I complain about being busy two weekends ago, but not so much. Behold, I begin my week of traveling for business, and I will be in Dallas for part of the week. Unfortunately, I will not be able to visit anything for fun, as it will be one meeting session all day on Tuesday, team dinner in the evening, and then all day in a meeting session on, oh my. Which means, for the most part, it will be pretty quiet on this homefront even with the few scheduled posts I have set up.

So a couple things to tell you about:
  • I just got a membership, and hello? Where has it been all my (blogging) life? Sure, I just started really enjoying audio books, but I had no idea the great deals they would have. Yes, yes, I know I need to finally get a library card in Virginia Beach since I've been living here for all of three months now, but I had to pass this along to you... had a fabulous sale the other day, and I picked up five audiobooks for $40. If I had purchased them at regular price, it would have been approximately $100. Deal, right?
  • The Stephen King Project. I am so excited on the number of participants. Each month, Kathleen and I are giving away something (one book or other bookish stuff) to one participant who linked up a Stephen King review for the month. It's never too late to join, folks, so click here if you are interested.
  • Challenges I Can Do. Or, at least, do well. Which is why I signed up for Teresa's 2012 Audio Book Challenge. This, this I can do, and not feel pressured.
That's it for now. See you on the other side of next week.


  1. I've never joined Audible just because my library has about 90% of what I want. They are wonderful, AND they deliver everything to my door. But I know that I won't always have that luxury, if my plan of moving to the beach in the next ten years comes to fruition. It is good to know there are options!

  2. I love audible, and wait anxiously every month for my credit to pop up so that I can grab my next read. They really do have an incredible selection, and I have gotten a ton of stuff from them that I couldn't have found anywhere else. Glad to hear that you are a member now as well!

  3. I hope your trip is successful and you get some downtime while you're in Dallas.

  4. I just joined audible too! I was thinking about writing a post about my love for the iPhone app, LOL. I actually joined before (in 2007) but I couldn't get into audio. The reason I like it now is because I can pull it up on the app and listen directly from my phone which I can also plug into the car. I still think it's so expensive though! I did download a book from that sale, though, which was a great deal.

  5. So many of my fave bloggers have been making trips through Dallas lately with no time to play!! I'll be waving at you from my post in North Dallas. :)

  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of - I love that company!

  7. I adore Audible...I was surprised by how cheap they are, compared to audios at the bookstore!

  8. I've looked at Audible before but the 'plan' nature of it scares me off as I am not deep into audiobooks anyway and I worry about not using it. Kind of like a gym membership or something but way more fun ;)

    Hope your trip to Dallas goes well!

  9. Once I start commuting to work this summer, I plan to make major use of!

  10. I've been a member of Audible for about a year and I'm also weak when it comes to their promotions. Is the promotion you mention the "Wish List" one? I got "Macbeth: Novel" read by Alan Cumming (one of my favorite narrators), "The Sense of an Ending" and "Divergent" (too see what the fuss is about). What did you get for your 40$?

  11. Audible has changed my life! :) Ooooh, Dallas. Looks like you've already left, but still waving your way. Terrible weather this week!!

  12. I've become quite fond of audio books in the past few years, but I've never considered I get all my audios from the library (either on disc or downloads). Until I run out of books on my wishlist/reserve list, I think I'll stick with the freebies.

    Off to draft a post for the Stephen King challenge. I'm in!!

  13. I should check out I've been wanting to give audiobooks another try. I've never had great luck with them in the past.


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