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26 January 2012

A Walk About Town: Town Point Virginia Wine Festival

A Walk About Town is a weekly feature hosted here at Coffee and a Book Chick. You do not need to have a book blog to join; any blogger can participate. Write about a spot in your town, or in another city you've visited, include the button for A Walk About Town, and add your link in the Linky below so we can all visit your post. You don't need to include a picture to participate. I will post on Thursdays, but you can post any day of that week. Just make sure to add your link to the most recent week's post here at Coffee and a Book Chick, and if you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #AWalkAboutTown.
Although this event happened a few months ago, I wanted to share a few quick pictures of the annual wine festival at Town Point Park in Norfolk, Virginia, right at waterside. The 2011 festival held in October was its 23rd year, and yes, it was quite the fun day. It was a beautiful and clear, crisp afternoon, and was a welcome event to reacquaint myself with an area I love. I encourage you to attend a wine festival in your area. You really can't go wrong with paying an entry fee and then wine-tasting away...


  1. I had to check to make sure I wasn't in your photos :) We go every year and spend the night at a nearby hotel and do a little shopping at the mall the next day. It is always a fun weekend.

  2. That park is new since I've been there. Carl and I had our very first date at the Omni in Norfolk and it looks like it's gone now. I'm kind of sad to know our marriage lasted longer than the Omni - it was quite the landmark back then.

  3. What a beautiful place to have a wine tasting. We try to hit as many wine festival as we can :)

  4. Oh, this must have been the best place to have spent the day sampling wine! Not a cloud in the sky, and all that water. So, so wonderful. Glad you found this event and place, and gladder still that you shared it with us!

  5. I love wine festivals. In my area they are usually art AND wine festivals. I guess we all feel better to be browsing amongst the artists while we sip our wines! ha!

  6. The big wine festival around here is held inland in the summer...when it's blazingly hot! By the water looks like the way to go!

  7. Wine festivals are so much fun! Your pics are gorgeous...looks like you had a wonderful day.

  8. Looks like a fun festival and a beautiful day! Is it down the way from Nauticus?


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