17 June 2012

The Sunday Salon: This Is a Post about Hockey

No books today. This will be a sports post from a very sad hockey fan.

The AHL. American Hockey League. It's just one step away from the NHL and each NHL team has an AHL affiliation.

In Norfolk, Virginia, we have an AHL team, the Norfolk Admirals, and they are affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lightning. This season was an unprecedented record-breaking season and the Norfolk Admirals won 28 games in a row, setting a professional hockey record. That means even the NHL teams have never accomplished that.

Then the Norfolk Admirals won the Calder Cup, sweeping Toronto in 4 games to bring the AHL's version of the Stanley Cup back home to Norfolk. The parade was this past Wednesday and the fans were there. We watched the reveal of the Championship banner and got to meet the guys who will one day move up to the NHL.

And then this week, the Tampa Bay Lightning announced they are transferring their affiliation with our AHL Norfolk Admirals, the record-breaking team, to Syracuse next season.

Yes, I know these same guys would eventually be traded to other teams or eventually land a spot with the big boys in the NHL.

But what breaks my heart the most is that many of the very same guys who brought that championship cup to Norfolk will not be playing under their well-earned banners next season.

To the players, my husband and I thank you for an incredible season. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors, and we will eagerly keep track of your rise into the NHL.


  1. Wow, what a season! Have they said why they're transferring the team?

  2. We don't have hockey in MS but we have football...and when a major league team moves cities, it's almost like a funeral in the one they're leaving and a jubilation (Whooville style) in the town where they move.

  3. WHAT???? WHAT????? Holy shit. No Tampa Bay Lightning? That sucks. We aren't rabid fans, but we do get over to see a game or two each year, we have the clothes and the gear, and always cheer for them because they are the closest thing to local that we have down here. Oh man, i'm in a funk now.

    1. No, the Lightning will still be in Tampa. It's their affiliate team for the AHL, the Admirals in Norfolk. The Lightning cut their affiliation with Norfolk and are moving their AHL team to Syracuse. You will still have NHL in Tampa. :)

  4. That is SUCH a bummer. We haven't managed to go to any Tampa games but Orlando has brought back their Solar Bears and we scored season tix. CANNOT wait to watch them on the ice. Hockey is such a great sport.