01 July 2012

You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet out here in my neck of the woods. Truth be told, I'm absorbed in my new role at work and it's swallowed up a lot of my time. When I do get time to read, it's mostly consumed by reading, listening, and... exercising.
  • Reading. Stephen King's The Stand for Trish's #Standalong. Man, this book is truly epic and magnificent. What a tale!
  • Listening. It's not that audiobooks require less concentration, but when my workday is done, I don't have the energy after being at a computer all day to pick up a book and read. So now when I do stuff around the house, out of the house, and my new hobby of running (!! I know, right?!), I listen to an audiobook to saturate my time with reading while still being active. And I love it. Right now, I'm listening to Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby. And the story is so freaky weird that I love, love listening to it and get annoyed when I have to turn it off to do something else.
  • What? I'm RUNNING now? And who knew I'd ever run as a form of...relaxation...? I'm not a big runner, and I mostly fast-walk, but every now and again, and particularly one stretch of my neighborhood, I actually run. After a stressful day, I enjoy my twenty or thirty minutes when I just get to unwind and abuse the day back by running. Never thought I'd actually like it. I mean, I bought real running shoes. And an armband to put my iPhone in so I can listen to my audiobooks when I run. I have no idea who I am.
So that's life right now.


  1. It sounds like you're super busy! I don't see how you find the time to run!

  2. You're into some very good things. I would like to run - even walk, but alas, it's already 100 by very early in the morning!

  3. Isn't The Stand amazing? I remember I read it for the first time in 8th grade and I couldn't put it down. And yay for running! I've picked it up again for the first time in like 20 years and it feels wonderful.

  4. This would be a great post for the Readers' Workouts meme. Here's last week's linky: http://www.joyweesemoll.com/2012/06/26/readers-workouts-june-26/

    There will be a new linky on Tuesday morning.

  5. Lullaby was great and weird! It's one of two Palahniuk novels I've read and I did enjoy it!

    Take it easy! Sounds like the new professional role is an energy suck!

  6. That's awesome and I totally feel ya.
    Sometimes you just can't use your eyes anymore to focus and audios are perfect for that.
    I need to take up fast walking.

  7. My left knee refuses to give me permission to run, but I've been walking some as well. That Ipod armband is on my Wal-Mart list for today...I've been needing one for a while :)


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