14 August 2012

Yes, I am double-posting today. Don't get mad at me. Shh. This is important. What's that sound? Is it behind me? Should I look? No? Okay.

Clearly, you all know my inane, insane fascination and love of (most) Stephen King books. So much so, Kathleen (who also has a Stephen King plan to read his books in order of publication) and I have a separate blog entitled The Stephen King Project to celebrate all of your bookish and filmish reviews of all things Stephen King. Then earlier this summer, Trish hosted the Standalong and I fell in love with Stephen King's The Stand.

So what am I supposed to do when bloggers come a-knockin' and they start talking about doing another readalong. And this time for It? You know, the one about... the clown? Oh, yes, bloggers are a persistent bunch. *iameasilypeerpressured*

Then they made thisbutton. People. How could I NOT participate? amiright?

So I am so. in. Here are the details:
  • ITalong hosts: Fizzy Thoughts and Reading Thru the Night (aka Annotated Reading)
  • Sign up post: Click here
  • Formats: Read, listen, watch the TV movie *gigglesnort* (if it's anything like the TV version of The Stand, it will require a lot of grains of salt to deal with all that cheese)
  • Dates: Now through 10/14/2012
  • Midway Post: Sunday, Sept. 16, reading up through Part 3 (not including the Third Interlude)
  • Final Post: Sunday, Oct. 14
  • Twitter chat? Heck yeah. Thanks to Trish's brilliant hashtag for The Stand (#standalong), you can tweet and chat using #italong
Am I scared? A little. I started reading this when I was a teenager on a family trip to the beach and for some reason I stopped because I was scared and meant to pick it back up. Obviously, I was a scaredy-cat with that so now, at the ripe ole age of 38, I have to dive in again. Why don't you join? It's much more fun if we alllll do it.

Bring it, clownie. BRING. IT.


  1. LOL, I'm so glad you're in on this one. Methinks there are many humorous conversations in our near future.

  2. I am joining and getting started Friday. I hate clowns, but couldn't resist this! I know I am going to scare myself to death!

  3. Happy reading :) I read IT late last year and I enjoyed it alot. The story is not only creepy, but King creates characters you wind up caring about. Especially since it's such a long novel, you really get swept away in it.

  4. Bring it, clownie? I'm glad you're in...I don't think I could make it through without your one-liners. :-D

  5. Looking forward to reading IT vicariously through #italong tweets, etc. Will be listening to THE MIST (much shorter) on audio in solidarity with all of you brave souls.

  6. I'm totally scared. But I'm also looking forward to starting it! Just need to get through some of these others that are hanging around my ipod/bedside table.

  7. I'm too nervous to be excited yet :) I'm waiting patiently for my library to get it in for me...just looking at the cover scares me. LOL! This shall be fun!

  8. I have no doubt you'll have fun! I wish I could join it, but clowns scare me, so I'm staying far away from this one. Happy Italong!

  9. I'm too scared to even read the posts about IT -- and now I'll have clown-nose nightmares!


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