30 September 2012

A Page 234 Update of The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling

Well, a little over two hundred pages into The Casual Vacancy, and I must say, I'm really enjoying it. The small, picture perfect quaint town of Pagford is filled with unethical and gossipy characters that surface even more so when a seat on the parish council opens up after the untimely passing of Barry Fairbrother. I haven't once thought about the "other books." Not one bit. What I can say is that readers should give JK Rowling a chance. After all, she's a creator of worlds and anyone who can successfully come up with what she came up with before should be treated fairly, instead of the initial assumption that what she did before might be all that she can do.

Passage of Note:
It was curious how often everything was back to front, the inverse of what they told you; Fats was starting to think that if you flipped every bit of received wisdom on its head you would have the truth. He wanted to journey through dark labyrinths and wrestle with the strangeness that lurked within; he wanted to crack open piety and expose hypocrisy; he wanted to break taboos and squeeze wisdom from their bloody hearts; he wanted to achieve a state of amoral grace, and be baptized backwards into ignorance and simplicity. (p.76)


  1. I've always said she will prove her worth as a writer if she can create a different world. I'm excited to read this one based on what you've said.

  2. I'm really enjoying the passages you've posted so far. The premise of this one doesn't necessarily blow my skirt up, but I'm sure I'll read it. The writing is lovely.


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