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07 September 2012

Send in the clowns, or, I got a nose job. (Finally!)

In celebration of all things Stephen King and my new nose (er, I mean, clown nose), here's my pic for Fizzy Thought's public shaming contest. I decided to listen/read for the #ITalong, and let me tell you, Steven Weber is AMAZING as the narrator for IT. His voices are just fluidly perfect for each character, and it is incredibly entertaining (and scary). I love listening to it much more than reading it and those nightly runs I now take tend to get much creepier and disturbing when I have to run past any sewers, gutters, drains...

I'm not the most coordinated to begin with, and I was taking the picture myself (because I didn't want my husband to think I was bizarre, but the online world? No problem!) and for some reason I thought I was waving hello, when looks more like an alien hand, right?


  1. You're hilarious! I wish we were all at SIBA so Jason and I could talk football. By the way, I listened to another book narrated by Steven Weber and, I agree, he's amazing!!

  2. I'm laughing so hard at your sentiments because I did the same thing--shut myself in my bedroom so that hub wouldn't see me taking pictures of me in the clown nose and hat. But all of you?! Sure--go ahead and see me mock myself. ;)

    You look adorable with a red nose! SO glad you're loving Weber.

  3. Haha!! I never submitted my name for a clown nose, so I'm living vicariously through everyone else. I agree that Steven Weber is an amazing narrator for this book. I'm impressed you are listening to it in the evenings. I only listen while at work, and I still heard Weber's Pennywise voice in my head last night before drifting off to sleep. Needless to say, I wasn't drifting off to sleep after that.

  4. Bonus points for the alien hand!

    I confess, I waited until HB was gone before I took my pictures, too. And by gone, I mean out of the country.

  5. I was listening to IT as well and enjoying it. Today I found the paperback at a book sale for 50 cents so I was Thrilled.

    I passed on the offer for a new nose:)

  6. Now you girls all look like you're having so much fun, it almost makes me want to read the book! But running while listening? No way - I know what King does to my mind. I'd be running right down the middle of the street at a dead sprint!

  7. Great pic and I think the alien hand is a terrific addition! I really want to try the udio of IT now after you raved about Steven Weber's voices. The book is great and wonderfully creepy...I et the audi will be even better....

    Has your husband seen this photo?!

  8. I think it's a beautiful hand, such long slender fingers(!), and I'm glad you didn't touch your real, beautiful nose. xo

  9. FUN! I admit, I have only listened while full light of day. But the listening is awesome. I turn it on every time I'm driving anywhere and of course, when I mow the lawn. I also have a print copy so I can double check scenes when I get distracted. and page numbers. This is the most fun readalong ever!

  10. Funny! Enjoy the IT-along. Makes me want to read it. Not sure I could run to it though

  11. I am SO far behind with catching up with blogs. I freakin' love this picture. :) Beep beep clowns!


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