27 October 2012

As the hurricane bears down on the East Coast, here in Virginia Beach the rain and wind have considerably picked up. This, of course, meant grilled cheese and tomato soup, along with a few scary movies, so after my husband and I listened to The Exorcist audiobook when we were in Boston two weeks ago, we decided to watch the 1973 film which resulted in me being scared and jittery for the rest of the night.

Here's my thing: I've had a lot of business travel lately, and while it hasn't diminished my reading time, I'm much more interested to settle down with a show downloaded on my iPad. This week, I was in Pittsburgh and Atlanta from Wednesday through Friday for meetings, and when I had down time and wasn't catching up on emails, I just wanted to watch television. I finally had a chance to watch BBC's Sherlock, which was fantastic.

Side question: Why are British series so short?! I love Downton Abbey, but it's only ten episodes! Sherlock is only three. I want more!

So help me, wonderful readers! What should I download next?

Here's an overview of what I enjoy:
  • Period dramas. Everything from Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and anything on the BBC. Ah, thank you BBC. You've given me Whitechapel, and most recently Sherlock. (Whitechapel and Sherlock aren't period dramas, but it obviously feels like it based on the subject matter.) I want more from you. I heard Copper was pretty good? Maybe Doctor Who, which would fall in the next category.
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopia. Oh, yes, I do love this. I'm a fan of The Game of Thrones series on HBO, and Warehouse 13 and Haven, both on the SyFy network. Many of you may know that Haven is based on Stephen King's novella, The Colorado Kid. Oh! And The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, etc. Maybe I should download Fringe?
  • Current. Necessary Roughness and Suits on the USA network. Wonder if I should watch Burn Notice?
You tell me. What movie or TV series would you recommend?


  1. Hope you are all safe! The Exorcist is definitely a heebie-jeebie kind of movie, but for me it will always be The Shining. I wonder how that would sound on audio??
    British movies/series are just amazing, period. I can't help you with this one, as I am a reality tv junkie....perhaps b/c I'm from The Real World generation, when it first started ;) LOL!

  2. Boardwalk Empire
    Little Dorrit (mini-series)
    Parade's End (mini-series)
    North and South (mini-series)
    Cranford (mini-series)
    Emma,2009 (mini-series)
    Upstairs Downstairs
    The Paradise (2012)
    Jane Eyre (2006 mini-series)
    The Killing
    Great Expectations (2011 mini-series)
    Pride and Prejudice (1995)
    The Crimson Petal and the White
    Sense and Sensibility (2008)
    Tess of the D'Urbervilles (2008 Mini-Series)
    The Borgias (2011 TV Series)
    The Tudors

    I know many people love Copper. I tried a few episodes, but somehow found the acting pretty bad (at times, almost laughable). Maybe it's just me.

  3. Sounds like we like a lot of the same stuff, so I'll rattle off some others that I love. Copper, I'm still neutral on it. I think it tries to do too much. On now is World Without End, and if you haven't seen it there is Pillars of the Earth, based on the Follett books. If you don't watch Masterpiece, I'd refer you to the list of their airings. I'm liking Upstairs Downstairs much better this year. BBC just did a remake of Great Expectations that was very good (even if I still don't like the story). I loved Little Dorrit, Cranford. Call the Midwife is very interesting. Loved Hamlet with David Tennant. I'm also enjoying The Borgias much more than I thought I would. Probably more than The Tudors, but don't know how much of that is because I don't know much about Italian history.

    Have you tried Life on Mars (UK version) and Ashes to Ashes? You get a bit of period drama, cop drama, and a touch of sci-fi with it. Ashes to Ashes could be hard to access here, since BBC America never finished airing it. Primeval is one of my favorite sci-fi series, with Doctor Who, Haven and Torchwood. And the original Being Human.

    I love just about all the scripted shows on USA. Eagerly looking forward to Suits coming back. Loved In Plain Sight. White Collar and Covert Affairs are other favorites. I liked the earlier seasons of Psych a bit more than some of the later ones. Luther is an excellent series from BBC.

    If you want to try something completely different, the UK version of Top Gear. I'm not a car person, but I love this series. It is one of the funniest things on tv. I could watch reruns of it any time.

  4. Have you watched Call The Midwife or The Bletchley Circle? They're short too (7 and 3 episodes respectively), but I thought they were really well made. They're set just after WW2 and mix historical elements with great storytelling.

  5. Lots of good suggestions already, but I have to put a plug in for Fringe, because I love it so. It's a bit "monster of the week-ish" in the first season, but then the overarching storyline picks up and it gets really good. I'm sad that this will be the last season, but I also think it's a natural ending point (which most series don't manage to find). Enjoy!

  6. I am the wrong person to talk about TV shows. We rarely watch TV, and if boob tube is on, the husband is watching football or soccer, or we are watching movies. if you want spooky movies, I have a post coming out tomorrow on that very topic. Hint: Do the Paranormal Activity movies.

    1. P.S. Hope you aren't hit too hard in the next couple of days. Hurricanes scare me. And this one has my name on it, so I feel a little responsible.

  7. What I watch is not anything like the shows you mentioned...I have been wanting to watch Downton Abbey, however, but by the time I figured out where it was on my channels, it was over! Next time!

    Stay safe from the storm!


  8. If you want some really fun, older BBC, try Monarch of the Glen. Also, if you like dystopia, you should definitely try Jericho. And Burn Notice is one of our favorites!

  9. I don't know if it's your thing but I'm addicted to Mad Men on Netflix right now. ;)

  10. The very quirky Eureka is a favorite of mine. (Syfy) I don't watch a lot of television so I'm getting some suggestions from your list here.

  11. I've been watching Call the Midwife lately, which is a BBC period drama. It is showing on pbs right now so you can watch all the episodes for free. There are going to be six, with the fifth one showing tonight.

  12. Be safe out there!

    I've been on a TV kick myself lately. I LOVE Sherlock and complained about the dearth of episodes, but when someone pointed out that each is 1.5 hours, it made more sense. I still don't like it. :)

    I've been watching White Collar, Covert Affairs (which is cheesy, but I like it). Since you like scary, you might enjoy Psych. I really love this show. It's scary but funny at the same time, and some of the episode are really smart (last season in particular). It would marry your love of scary but not keep you up all night.

  13. You were in Pittsburgh???!! Next time, definitely coffee. And some book shopping, if we can fit it in.

    Stay safe in the storm. Our cousin is in VA Beach and she was saying that it is kicking up down there.

  14. I hardly ever watch TV, so I can't help you out. I hope you ride out the storm with power.

  15. Doc Martin and Friday Night Lights. Completely different, but the writing in both is so clever and funny they are addictive.

  16. Can I recommend State of Play? It's a BBC miniseries with Bill Nighy, James McAvoy, Kelly McDonald, and David Morrissey, and it's so, so good. I have told tons of people about this miniseries, and everybody thinks the premise is boring, and everybody loves it once they watch it. So if you look it up and the premise sounds boring, I promise you on my life that it is not. It would be the perfect rainy day thing to watch!

    (I'm kind of talking myself into watching it tomorrow during the storm. It's been a while since I saw it.)

  17. You like so many of the shows I watch with my boys on Syfy, but have you tried Lost Girl? It just came out on DVD and I was so excited. I bought it just so I could watch it again.

  18. Stay safe during the hurricane Natalie - we are ready as well.

  19. I am so the wrong person to be giving tv advice. The only time I get excited is when there's a WipeOut on that I haven't seen. Or Curious George. :-D

  20. i am a huge Doctor Who fan, but you really should go back to when this new series started. Everything builds in that series. Torchwood, up to Children of Earth, because Miracle Day stunk badly.
    I adore Fringe, and am so sad to see it go. Walking Dead awesome.

    BBC Sherlock is fantastic, but I agree what is with the 3 episode thingy.
    As for current TV, I just started watching Arrow on the CW. I liked it. A bit dark, not too young,and easy on the eyes. Plus good action.

  21. The Exorcist is a classic but it's just gross. Green, spewing out of her and the head turning and the mutilation by cross. Ick ick ick. BUT... I love it! I am a horror whore.

  22. I just finished watching Season 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey which was great. I'm also a fan of a) Good Wife b) Walking Dead & 3) MI-5. You might like these shows!

  23. It's totally a matter of taste but Friday Night Lights got me through a long business trip to Germany this past summer!

  24. I watch very little television but I have three shows that I watch. Doctor Who. But start at the beginning of the new series. Castle is awesome as is Bones. Other than that, I don't watch television!

    2 Kids and Tired Books

  25. Sorry, I can't be of much help. I don't watch much TV! I have liked the few eps of Once Upon A Time and I adore Castle.

  26. Definitely recommend Burn Notice!