31 December 2012

Here's to the Best of Everything in 2012

Well, it's that time of year again. My heart is full once again at the close of this year, and I'm thankful to all of you for continuing to read my blog in this little humble corner of the blogosphere. Thank you.

Just a reminder that these are my favorites books, whether released this year or not.


Wool Omnibus, by Hugh Howey

I still can't believe this is a self-published book, but I've recently heard that Simon & Schuster is releasing a print version in March and Ridley Scott has optioned this for a film. I am definitely not surprised that they are trying to dive in on the Hugh Howey creativity as they would clearly be missing out on what will definitely be a powerhouse book that will be nabbed off the shelf come the end of the first quarter next year. If you have an electronic reader, download it now, or if you prefer a print copy, you may want to pre-order it now. This brilliant five part tale of a future society living underground only able to view earth through a camera is suspenseful and full of superb character and story development. This kept me up late at night and I found myself in many a checkout line during the holiday rush trying to read what I could. I'm still thinking about this story and the characters, and anxiously awaiting future installments. You absolutely do not need to be a sci-fi expert at all, this is a tale for anyone who enjoys stories on love, political corruption, mysteries, suspenseful thrillers, action, and love. Wool has it all, and it just might be the book to convince readers to try more of a genre they may not be used to. You won't regret this one.


It, by Stephen King, narrated by Steven Weber

One of Stephen King's classics, this audiobook is expertly delivered by actor Steven Weber. Because of his narration, many of his characters that I might have found challenging to read were easily understood through Weber's flawless skills. Not to mention that the scary parts were just that. much. scarier. because of Steven Weber. Each character was distinct and recognizable and I couldn't be happier with recommending this audiobook to everyone that wants to try audio. I listen to audiobooks while I run and this is the book that helped me get through my longest run of more than six miles at the time.
My Favorite Books Read in 2012 are (in alphabetical order):
  1. Baker Towers, by Jennifer Haigh
  2. The Casual Vacancy, by JK Rowling
  3. Clair de Lune, by Jetta Carlton
  4. Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn
  5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams
  6. In the Woods, by Tana French
  7. The Lathe of Heaven, by Ursula K. Le Guin
  8. The Poison Tree, by Erin Kelly.
  9. The Secret History, by Donna Tartt
  10. Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts (I haven't finished it yet, but is it presumptuous to know it will be one of my favorites this year?
  11. The Stand, by Stephen King
  12. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce
My Favorite Audiobooks Listened To in 2012 are (in alphabetical order):
  1. Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall
  2. The Breathing Method, by Stephen King
  3. Days of Blood and Starlight, by Laini Taylor
  4. Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor
  5. Divergent, by Veronica Roth
  6. The Exorcist, by William Peter Blatty
  7. Legion, by Brandon Sanderson
  8. Lullaby, by Chuck Palahniuk
  9. The Shining, by Stephen King
  10. The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Stiefvater
  11. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach
  12. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, by Haruki Murakami
What's on your list?


  1. You have a great bunch of stuff here. I need to just bite the bullet and listen to It. I liked the book, and have read it twice, but it seems like the audio version is amazing. I also thing it's time I just give in and listen to Divergent. It's like the one title that EVERYBODY seems to love, and I have been fighting against the tide of the masses.

    I plan on checking out a bunch of other stuff from your list. I imagine somewhere there is a blogger challenge about reading/listening to titles from other bloggers end of year lists. I may have to do that.

    1. There's the Book Bloggers Challenge @ Reading With Tequila that has a list of books that are bloggers faves (by votes). I did the challenge last year and plan on doing it again this year. There's no audiobook version though - hmmm ... you should start one!

  2. I just love year-end lists! I've read #1,5,9, and 12 on your book list and listened to #11 on the audio list... and loved them all. Must read Tana French in 2013. Happy New Year, Natalie.

  3. You and Carl's excitement over Wool is addictive. I want to try Lullaby but I don't do audio, hopefully a good read also. I want to read Tana French, one day, maybe this year.

  4. It freaked me out in print...can't even imagine what it would be like to listen to :p

  5. I love the year-end lists, too! I bought Wool after seeing your rave review the other day but haven't gotten to it yet. I read Divergent in print and wasn't bowled over by it. Probably should have listened to the audio. Definitely plan on getting to The Scorpio Races and the Laini Taylor books, and many of the others on your list.

  6. I really need to check out Wool, it sounds like a great one. I haven't read It since I was a wee lass. I'd like to re-read it one of these days. Listening to it might be too much for me, I'm a chicken ;)

  7. Gone Girl and In the Woods are both on my best audiobooks of 2012 list! And I have Divergent in my Audible library...excited to out both that and Wool, though I can't decide if I should listen to the audiobook or wait for it in print (I'm not into e-books). But great lists! Happy New Year!

  8. I have Wool on my TBR stack and reading your list just reminded me it was there. I've been dithering on what to start next and I think I'll read that one.

    I love seeing both Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Days of Blood and Starlight on your list of top listens for the year. They were both so good.

  9. Awesome list. I want to try It but I'm too scared.

  10. I've only read one of your favorites. The buzz about Wool Omnibus has me very curious.

  11. Great list! You cranked out a bunch of audio this year, good for you. I think I managed 5 books on audio this year, maybe 6.

    As we've already talked about, I'm thrilled to see Wool topping your list as it did mine. Such a great surprise.

    The Secret History is such a gripping book. I can still clearly remember laying in my bed with a fever reading feverishly, pardon the pun, to the end of this one.

    Hope your reading year is even better in 2013.

  12. Have you read Packing for Mars by Mary Roach??? I looooove her!

  13. Awesome lists. I love reading about everyone's favorites. Have a wonderful new year!

  14. I'm in awe of you and your reading lists, and appreciate your tops lists. I think I might take some inspiration from you and try out audio books in 2013 because reading just isn't happening for me at the moment...I'll have a look at some of your suggeastions to start off with. Thanks heaps and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  15. I didn't make a list, but I see some from your list I need to add to mine :)

  16. I would like to read Shantaram one of these days but it's a chunkster. Would like to hear what you think of it. cheers http://www.thecuecard.com/

  17. Let's hear it for Uncle Stevie! And Laini Taylor, too. Thanks for introducing me to her. :-D

  18. It sounds like you've had an amazing year of reading in 2012!! One of my goals for 2013 is to finish reading IT. Maybe I should try it out in audio form :) I hope that you have another wonderful year of reading in 2013!

  19. Harold Fry is one of my top favorites last year! I like your list - there are quite a few in my to-read list. Happy New Year!

  20. You read some excellent books this year. I was thinking just recently that I should revisit Douglas Adams - he's one of my favourites and I haven't read him in way too long. Happy New Year!

  21. I admit that I'm a bit jealous that The Secret History made your Top 10 as I couldn't stand it. I really do think the bad narration (the author) had much to do with it. And YAY for IT!! I'll never forget that experience.

    Happy New Year!

  22. I added Wool to my GR's list. You made it so amazing. I'd be a total dolt if I ignored it.

    IT. What can I say? It was great when I read the print version in my 20s but the audio was super fab and soooo much fun to read it with you and the others. I cannot wait for #shineon. I've been trying to find a nice PB copy but I hate mass paperbacks so I may listen to it on audio.

  23. LOL! I haven't finished Shantaram either, but I also know it will be a favourite. Let's hope we're right!

    I also loved In the Woods and The Poison Tree. What a great list of books!

  24. I also finally read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in 2012, and also loved it. Have you read any more of the books in the series? I've heard they're really good, too.

  25. I loved Wool, and it had the same effect on me that you describe!