20 May 2013

I don't normally stamp my foot when business decisions are made in the online world because I understand moves and changes happen in Corporate America and it is what it is. However, maybe I'm just not technologically savvy enough to figure this recent issue out.

What I Like to Do
Many other book reviewers prefer to include links in their posts to other bloggers who have reviewed the same book. It's an opportunity for online networking, advertisement to fellow readers, etc., and I like doing it because I like it when other bloggers link back to me, etc.

The Issue
One of the many things I appreciated about Google Reader was the ability to search the blogs I follow for specific keywords. It easily filtered to those blogs that reviewed the same book and I could quickly link to that specific review in my post so other readers could visit those sites.

I have connected to both Feedly and Bloglovin in anticipation of the big demise of Google Reader in July to see which I preferred to work with, but I am stumped with both... whenever I click in the search fields to only search the blogs I follow, I instead get results of every blog with that keyword on either Feedly or Bloglovin, respectively.

The Big Question
Do you know how to do it and I'm just confused?? Would love any insight you have.


  1. I don't think there's currently the ability to search in feedly (something I miss terribly too!), but it is 'in the works'.

  2. I've been using Bloglovin. I think you have to be pretty specific with your search terms :/

    1. I was thinking about this this morning and I realized that you were asking a different question than the one I answered ;) I gave a little tip on how to find a certain blog, NOT how to find a certain post. Sorry about that! It would be nice to be able to search that way though. I use this book blogs search now and then, it can be handy: http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=017997935591651423304%3A5fpbgt6-tou&hl=en

  3. OMG seriously? You're so right. I don't know how either and I really like Feedly. BUMMER. It's one of my favorite things too. I do hope they figure something out asap.

  4. I agree with Carrie -- I've been unable to search in Feedly. I haven't tried bloglovin' -- but I am with you on the footstomping. Am so devastated to lose Google Reader. (That, and the loss of desktop TweetDeck has me super angry.)

  5. Haven't figured this one out, either. I kept thinking if we were all stamping our feet loudly enough, Google would keep reader. Sadly, there's nothing to do to punish them!

  6. I didn't even know you can do this in Google Reader till recently.. and then of course it is going away once I learn about it. Such a bummer!


    Angela's Anxious Life

  7. Sorry Natalie - i did this post on my iPone. Could you please fix my link in sign up if you have a chance? Thanks for hosting! Fun fun fun!

  8. I'm still struggling with the Google Reader transition too. I've used the Book Blogs Google Search Engine before, but unfortunately that doesn't limit to only bloggers you follow - just to anyone who has added their blog to the list of blogs to be search.


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