01 July 2013

Under the Dome, Middle of the Road Post...

Last Monday was the big day for CBS to premiere Stephen King's Under the Dome. Apparently, this is going to be a series? I have my DVR working overtime to keep updated with it, but I have read the grumblings of fans far and wide that they are disappointed as there are a lot of changes from the book already. Stephen King responded to this via his website. Click here to digest his defense! There aren't any spoilers, really, but I feel like King was a bit miffed at fans who were upset with changes. I almost feel he was... I don't know, sort of condescending? Maybe I'm wrong, but I do know that I'd probably feel inclined to defend changes for my work if I were in his shoes (ha, I should be so lucky!), but there is always that doggone Hollywood-artistic license which gets in the way. As avid readers, we should all just automatically assume anyway any book adapted to film will have gigantic and erroneous changes. It is what it is, no matter how much of a purist we can be. Oh, well.

And yes... I'm late in posting this so that all of you can have a chance to publicize your write-up of the halfway mark. There is a good reason for that, but I'm not announcing that until this weekend...! But my apologies for the delay and please do make sure you add your link to the below.

Here are my thoughts so far:
  • I was hooked into the story so quickly that within the first week, I only had 300 pages left and needed to slow down and eded up taking a break. Slow intro, but once it picked up, it really got going. The usual formula from Uncle Stevie, and I can always count on it.
  • Yet again, the town becomes its own character, one divided from the rest of the world, left to its own devices. Stephen King is the master when doing this, whether it's the scary town of Derry in Maine, Castle Rock, or this quiet township trapped under an invisible dome, it's the same effective method of truly isolating an entire area. Freaky stuff.
  • Not to mention, Stephen King always brings an infuriating injustice into the mix of it all. The fact that Barbie was ganged up on in the Dippers' parking lot and no one except the Chief (who is now dead) can appreciate that Barbie wasn't the antagonizer? I mean, it was four against one, for cryin' out loud.
  • Who doesn't love Dale Barbara, aka Barbie? The strong drifter who has incredible ethics, love him.
  • While I don't know if I'd classify this as strictly horror, there is such an intensity of fear at the idea of a dome falling over a town and imprisoning everyone within it with no indication of why it fell, and how to destroy it, that I can sense the attempt at the same build up of tension felt in The Stand.
  • SICK Characters. Big Jim Rennie?! The image of true evil led by greed and need for power. The guy is a whack job who has the successful snake-like charming abilities to lead those who aren't bright, but mostly who are just downright afraid. Seeking solace in anyone who takes ownership of a bad situation always makes one feel safer, and Big Jim certainly is up to task for it. And his son?? Sick, sick, sick, not to mention the Chef. Twisted.
  • When the kids started to have the same visions, I started to get this goosebump, hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck feeling. It was the first time I felt that it really could be horror. The Great Pumpkin? Who knew that could be so frightening?
  • I'm getting flashbacks of The Stand. Anyone else? Trashcan Man=the Chef? Big Jim Rennie=Randall Flagg?
  • I have decided that this is my new tradition: For the start of summer each year, I will always read Stephen King to kick it off. It's the only way to do it right.
Have you all seen this picture for the CBS show? So sad.

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  1. I'm not reading, but I'm cheering you all on!!!

  2. Not usually my thing (I haven't read it) but I liked episode one. Side note: That last picture with the dog on the other side is heartbreaking.

  3. I was wondering when this post would be up.. yeah!! I read this book way too fast. Well actually I was on a road trip and listened to the audio. I did watch episode one and thought it was good. My husband who is not really it really liked it. I am a little upset about the MAJOR changes with the characters. The changes in the show are not minor they are MAJOR and I would guess that's why fans of the book are upset. I know though that in order to make a TV series work there have to be changes (of course Game of Thrones has done a good job of keeping to the books).

    I read that letter from King when it first came out and I remember thinking "well he told us". hahaha. I am glad though that he interacts with fans. There have been quite a few press stunts he has done for this show and I am happy he is doing them. Great interview with him on Reddit if you are a big fan and want to check that out.


  4. I finished it, so I'm not doing a midway post (worried I'd give something away). I love reading your thoughts so far though! Big Rennie is a really good villain. I am so reminded of The Stand!

  5. Wooooooo! Midway post! I'm a little eviled out by the villains, I must admit. Still plugging along just WAITING for something to go wrong for the bad guys!

  6. I think King feels that he can change what he wants when he wants and forgets how his faithful fans hang on his every, written word. That said, I will check out tonight's episode (tomorrow) but I hope it's better than the first one. I don't mind changes but cheesy special effects and inconsistencies with weather under the dome will drive me nuts.

  7. I'm so glad I stumbled into the #DomeAlong! Great book and even more fun with everyone. If I weren't so pressed right now (and if I had your super human reading capabilities), I would have jumped on board for WWZ also. Looking forward to another readathon. Thx again for organizing. So FUN!!!

    p.s. So glad to see your tweets and post. I thought those zombies had gotten you!! :)

  8. Oh man I haven't started reading this yet! I really wanted to do this readalong but my TBR pile is exploding :(!!! I am enjoying the TV series, though, and excited to read everyone else's posts to get myself even more excited for reading the book when I get the chance. It is just sitting their on my dresser...looking all sad and unread!

  9. As I figured I read this too stinking fast ;) I'm watching the show now and even though it's WAY different than the book I think I'm going to dig it. It's cheesy/awesome in a cheesetastic way!

  10. I read this last year and enjoyed it. While I don't think it's the scariest of his books, I do like that he takes a small town and fills it with scary people. There were a few moments I wanted to toss the book across the room; luckily it was too big for that. :)

    I watched the show last night and was surprised by all the changes. I heard about the controversy but hadn't read the King letter. While I prefer that shows/movies stick to the book, especially if it's a book I like, I try not to let it bother me. It's a different medium and some things just work better on screen. It'll be interesting to see how many more changes there are along the way though.

  11. I should really get a post up while this book is still fresh on my mind. And this: "infuriating injustice" YES!!! It just gets under your skin, doesn't it? I think I've felt that way at some point or another with every King book I've read.

    I do love Barbie but I love Rusty even more. I haven't watched the show yet but I'm still looking forward to it inspite of the changes.

  12. I finally reached the half-way point! :) Great readalong- I would never have considered reading a King book as I usually imagine Carrie or The Shining when I hear his name (and I hate gore/horror), but I want to read The Stand after this now.
    Ciara @ Books are my Bling

  13. I know that King has defended the changes and I understand that sometimes, with tv or a movie, it just has to be done. But some of these changes really impact how I feel about some of the characters and I don't see where this could be necessary. I'm not sure I'll keep watching beyond this initial season but there's not much else on right now so I may give it a little more time.

  14. Just posted my 'halfway there' blog from Snarkfest! Not reading the blogs of anyone who has finished the book yet because I'm afraid of spoilers, but I promise that when I'm finished, I'll read all of the blogs of those doing the #DomeAlong

  15. Sorry I missed this... I was blown away by how addictive King's books can be. I had to finish this once I started and I did the audio. In 4 days!!! Nuts. Consumed, I was. But overall, not my favorite King. Thanks for hosting!


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