08 August 2013

Yes, another Stephen King readalong and I'm just not apologizing.

Listen. I'm almost seven months pregnant and everything hurts. I rarely have the energy to crack open the books I'm reading right now but of course I'm not stopping. Although I am working on Jo Walton's Tooth and Claw which easily pulls you in, I was craving more Stephen King after just finishing Under the Dome. Lo and behold, Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity posts about another fantastic readalong with Cavalcade of Awesome for The Talisman and I'm in. This time, it will be a complete listen-along for me. I've downloaded the twenty-eight hours and I'm already freaked out by the opening scenes of this fantasy tale.

A while back, the Stephen King Goodreads group run by one of our Under the Dome participants, Angela's Anxious Life, discussed what you should read before you read The Dark Tower series. I plan to read this one day, and as many may already know, Uncle Stevie's books are almost all intertwined in some way, thus creating the infamous "Stephen King Universe." A fabulous flow chart creator, TessieGirl, designed the below to show the connections characters and storylines and towns, plus more, have to each other. Crazy, huh? What an incredible job she did.

Who made this flow chart? Why, TessieGirl did.
Anyway, The Talisman is one of those books you're supposed to read before you dive into The Dark Tower series. The suggested reading list by the Goodreads' group to prep is here in several different installments.

So, I'm in! For more details, click here and here, but there is nothing formal as far as sign-ups and links, and if you want to participate in live conversations, head to Twitter and use #TalismanAlong as your net.


  1. How funny - who knew Stephen King would be a pregnancy craving? LOL

  2. Good luck with this one! I remember seeing that awesome flowchart somewhere else recently. Must have taken her ages! But how amazing is it?

  3. Look at that infographic!! That's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I'm sooo tempted to join you in the readalong. I've never read The Talisman or Black House! They are on my living room shelf taunting me every day.

  4. So glad that you're joining us! I started listening to the audio today as I just don't have the energy at nine months to do much reading in the evenings. And isn't it funny how Uncle Stevie has become comfort food? Who would have ever guessed?

    LOVE that flowchart.

  5. What an incredible flow chart!! I wonder if Uncle Stevie has seen it? I'll bet she could sell posters of that thing to a lot of fans!

    Hoping to read The Talisman in the coming months. August just wasn't the right time to pick up such a hefty tome.


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