03 September 2014

Need Some Stephen King for the R.I.P IX Challenge?

According to StephenKing.com, the Encore channel is hosting a month of Stephen King shows and movies, and then will do an all-day marathon in honor of Stephen King's birthday. If you have Encore, here's what can help you for Stainless Steel Droppings' R.I.P. IX Challenge:

Stephen King Month on Encore

Encore will present “The Stephen King Collection” featuring 19 different movies, beginning on Labor Day, Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). On the 21st, they're showing an all-day marathon in honor of Stephen's birthday.

Every night in September at 8:00pm ET/PT

9/1 The Shining, Part One (1997)
9/2 The Shining, Part Two (1997)
9/3 The Shining, Part Three (1997)
9/4 Stand By Me
9/5 Sometimes They Come Back (Begins at 9:00pm)
9/6 Salem’s Lot, Part One (1979), 9:35 pm Salem’s Lot Part Two (1979)
9/7 Dreamcatcher
9/8 Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part One (1999)
9/9 Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part Two (1999)
9/10 Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part Three (1999)
9/11 Carrie (2002)
9/12 Dreamcatcher
9/13 Maximum Overdrive
9/14 Hearts in Atlantis
9/15 Sometimes They Comeback
9/16 Desperation (Pending)
9/17 Dolores Clairborne
9/18 Needful Things
9/19 Secret Window
9/20 The Dead Zone
9/21 Cujo (Part of the all-day Birthday Marathon)
9/22 Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet
9/23 Hearts in Atlantis
9/24 Return to Salem’s Lot
9/25 Maximum Overdrive
9/26 Cujo
9/27 Christine
9/28 The Running Man
9/29 Salem’s Lot, Part One (1979)
9/30 Salem’s Lot, Part Two (1979)

Stephen King’s Birthday Marathon – Sunday, September 21st

7:50am Sometimes They Come Back
9:30am Secret Window
11:10am Hearts in Atlantis
12:55pm Salem’s Lot, Part One
2:35pm Salem’s Lot, Part Two
4:15pm Stand By Me
5:45pm Dreamcatcher
8:00pm Cujo
9:35pm Christine
11:30pm Maximum Overdrive


  1. Very cool - now if only I had time to read all the books!!

  2. I was just thinking that I forgot to add a Stephen King novel to my RIP list - have to go fix that!. The movies never seem to do it for me. I was sooo disappointed by The Dome, and it was worse knowing that he had a part in - well - ruining it.