08 October 2015

I'll write a more formal overview on October 12th, but I wanted, nay, NEEDED to, check in very quickly to let you all know that The Quick by Lauren Owen is so completely engaging that I'm trying to sneak time in as often as I can to read this gorgeously written story. It is PERFECT for a spooky season. I'm only about 120 pages in, but I'm catching up. The secrets, the overall storyline, the disturbing reality of what's happening - it's right up there with some of my favorite books.

If you enjoy stories told in an epistolary or journal/letter-like format, this one would fit right in there, especially the section I'm currently in. Delightful, disturbing. These are the words I must use to describe it. Cannot. Get. Enough.


  1. I loved The Quick! Such a good one! Glad you are enjoying it :)

  2. I started listening (audio version) to this book and have been so distracted by daily obligations that I'm stalled at the move to London by the young protagonist ... and the sister languishing back home ... must get back to it! Slow start ,,, it does pick up, huh?


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