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06 October 2010

Have You Heard About

Friends, let me tell you.  Jump onto as soon as you can.  I don't even know how I stumbled across this site, but it's incredible -- I friended their Facebook page and I've been caught in this whirlwind of reading one chapter a day from Monday through Friday ever since. And it's free...

Last week's installment was five chapters from the short story "A Week Apart," taken from Daniel Stolar's compilation entitled The Middle of the Night: Stories.  Apparently, the title comes about from the fact that there is something in each of the short stories that keeps the reader up in the middle of the night -- and with the five chapters that were posted online for "A Week Apart," it certainly was thoroughly warranted for that to happen.

In "A Week Apart," a woman just in her forties, is married with two daughters and living a quiet and good life in Chicago.  And she's married to a wonderful man. He's thoughtful and sweet -- not to mention he's a good father to their children.

But, he's got one slightly ruinous flaw that she happens to stumble across one day on his computer -- it's not internet porn her husband is dabbling in, it's far worse.  He's actually utilizing a service to meet women and has appointments, or "dates" with them.

I won't say more because you should jump onto this site and read right now.  In the five chapters that were posted, I was literally swept up in this woman's life, in her pain, indecision, and sadness.

Suffice it to say that reading this short section is probably what may make me want to actually read short stories again.  To be honest, I haven't read short stories in ages, simply because whenever I've read them, I always turn that last page of the story and I never feel like it's quite complete.  I get a little antsy, I feel unsettled, and I always feel like I need another few pages to solidify everything.  But, these quick five chapters of Daniel Stolar's book were so incredibly engaging that it seems to be all the invitation I need to try to get back into reading the stories that may be restricted with their pages, but are simply overflowing with content and beautiful writing.

Really, seriously, and right now -- jump onto and take a few moments to read a little bit of their selections that they post.  I'm so caught up in it.

Happy Reading!
Coffee and a Book Chick


  1. Going there right away! Thanks for the link!

  2. Just took a peak at the site. Thanks for the insight :)

  3. ooohh!! exciting!! I just took a quick peek before I've got to leave for work, and wowzas, just what I needed...another site to keep me from reading the books on my TBR list! haha

    Thanks for the link!


  4. I am going to have to check this out! I haven't read many short stories in the past couple of years, for much of the same reasons that you have. I really want to get back into them, and I think this might be the perfect solution. Thanks for sharing this, Natalie!

  5. Whoopsie -- A quick correction on the post! "A Week Apart" is not from Daniel Stolar's book that's mentioned, it's new and original to the FiveChapters site. Either way, you still need to jump on FiveChapters and start reading, and I'm still going to go track down a copy of Stolar's compilation!

    Happy Reading! :)

  6. I used to feel that way about short stories too ... until I read Jhumpa Lahiri's "Unaccustomed Earth" and realized what can be done with the form.

    Thanks for the heads up on Five It sounds neat!

  7. Oh no, you bad influence you! haha... This sort of reminds me of DailyLit. I love it but was getting so behind on my reading there that I had to put my "daily reads" on hold. Will be checking out Five Chapters!

  8. I actually stopped by here before. Quite interesting. :-)

  9. Great idea -- I've just started reading more short stories (like you, I take to them reluctantly) and the Stolar one sounds good.

    I have an award for you on my blog:

  10. i feel the same way about short stories; i like how you phrased it - feeling unsettled; exactly how i feel too! i want them to be longer; however i am going to go check out FiveChapters and let you know what i think - thanks for the tip!!!!

  11. I feel sort of like you do about short stories. But then a while back I began reading a few in the New Yorker and reminded myself that yeah, I do like short stories and why don't I read more of them?

    Thanks for the link!


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