10 January 2012

Blog Design Giveaway!

Today is the day for the $50 towards a Blog Design Giveaway! I'm puttin' this $50 in because I'm so gleefully ecstatic with the work Tawni did, and I want to share with one lucky winner. (To be entered for the giveaway, click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of this post and input your info into the Rafflecopter widget, but please read the interview first).

The Evolution
Those who have been following this blog since its inception have seen the design change fairly frequently because nothing ever seemed right. I played around with the Blogger templates, moved stuff around a lot, but I could only stick with it for it for a few weeks until I had to make changes. One day, frustrated with the adjustments I was yet again trying to implement, I decided to take a quick break and troll through my Google Reader. A post from YA book blogger The Story Siren caught my eye in which she mentioned Forever Design Studio designed her site, so when I clicked on over to look at Tawni's full portfolio, I knew I wanted to put a request in. A couple of months later, voila! Coffee and a Book Chick looks exactly how I wanted it to look, and so much more! And with that, I'd love to introduce you to Tawni... welcome!

Name: Tawni
Design Site: Forever Design Studio
Book Blog Site: The Book Worms

Q - What are the full range of services you provide?
A - I offer just about everything! This includes custom blog designs, book/print designs, logo designs, information and e-commerce web designs, Etsy shop branding, and advertisement/button designs. Most recently, I have been working on blog and book designs. I'm trying to wiggle my way into the book design world, because I truly enjoy it the most!

Q - Do you also design for WordPress?
A - I do design for WordPress! I initially started designing for WordPress and realized just how many bloggers used Blogger. I'm not 100% in the know with Blogger, but I learn with every new project. (note from Natalie: I use Blogger, and I think it's pretty obvious that Tawni knows a lot more about Blogger than she gives herself credit for!)

Q - What is normally your schedule from first discussion to blog design upload?
A - I always have a client fill out the quote form because this helps me get all the details and goodies I need in order to create something they'd love. Once we've talked about details, color schemes, styles and feels, I get started on a concept. If we hit a wall, we start over, but that's okay, because I'm doing it for them. We continue to go back and forth about slight changes until we've completed it and it's time to install the design!

Q - What made you get into designing?
A - When I was about 10 years old, my family had just moved into a new town and I entered a new school. I didn't really have a hard time finding friends, I just missed my old ones and started finding new ones online. I discovered a whole new world of blogging and creativity that I didn't even think was possible. I have always been creative and techie so it really intrigued me. Once other people started taking an interest in my designs, I decided to start up a little business and it's just rocketed from there!

Q - How long have you been designing?
A - I am now 22 (and I don't know where that time went)... so that would be about 12 years! Wow - I didn't even realize.

Q - You're also a book reviewer, yay! Which came first: blog design or book reviewing?
A - Yes! I am the blogger at The Book Worms. Blog design came first, mainly because that was my "books aren't cool" stage. I got over that one though and I adore reading and writing about all the awesome books I come across!

Q - Are you interested in being a designer as your ultimate career? Or, do you have something else you're interested in?
A - As a matter of fact, yes I am! But I want to veer to graphic design only. I'm actually very interested in working in the publishing world, but we will see how that goes! I always ask myself if there is something I love more and if I will ever get sick of design... but, I always come back to it. It's a part of me!

Q - What advice can you give for bloggers looking for a designer?
A - Take your time. I've come across many bloggers who have rushed into working with a designer or chose one just because of the reasonable prices. But, in reality, you should just slow down, take a breather, and choose one who feels right for you and your blog/website or whatever project you may have.

Q - How can people connect with you to discuss a project for their blog (or other design inquiries)?
A - I am currently working on my return for taking project proposals. You can send me an email here if you want to be notified of my return. Once I come back, everyone is free to fill out the quote form and projects will be booked on a first come, first serve basis! (note from Natalie: Tawni will keep a slot open for the winner upon her return in the next month!)

Thank you so much, Tawni! I absolutely LOVE the design!

Rules for Giveaway
  • Click on log in (either with your Facebook account or with your name and email address). Don't worry, the personal information you entered will not be public.
  • Click the + sign and the number to enter your name, email address, and blog url, along with other details.
  • You do not have to be a follower of this blog or have to tweet it out, however it will give you more points if you do which only ups your chances. But, it is absolutely not required, so don't fret.
The winner will win...
  • $50 towards design options. You can simply use the $50 for whatever items are priced up to that total amount, or you can put my $50 towards more options, or get a full design. (Note: if you decide to get anything that is more than $50, you are responsible for paying Forever Design Studio the balance of anything over $50)
  • Winner will be announced Thursday, January 19, 2012.
Good luck!

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  1. What a great giveaway! My blog could use some freshening up!!

  2. Me? I never change my template! ;) How fun, thanks for the chance to win, and the information in case I don't.

  3. Great giveaway and nice interview with Tawni.

  4. This is such a cool giveaway! I am not looking to change my blog at this point, because I do love the way it looks now, but I am so excited that someone is going to seriously benefit from your generous giveaway, and get a new look! Great giveaway today, and I think I already told you that I LOVE the new look!

  5. It says to enter my blog URL but it doesn't have a box for me to put it in so I hope you don't mind me putting it down here! My blog is isitamazing.blogspot.com :) Thank you for the amazing giveaway! :) I've been playing with my blog trying to get it the way I want. :)

  6. Alex @ Is It Amazing? - Yikes! As long as you've entered with your email address and name, you should be good to go, thanks! I'm new to using Rafflecopter so I'm sure it's how I created the widget that's at issue, not Rafflecopter. I've got an email out to them asking for help on how to fix it, and once it's good to go, I'll post another note to everyone that everyone can enter! And it's taking in names and email addresses when you "log in" so that's the most important thing right now, since that will be the way I contact someone :)

  7. This is a GREAT idea for a giveaway, Natalie, and thanks for an insightful Q&A with Tawni. Love the look!

  8. I love your header! And the design is so easy on the eyes. Love it.

  9. Okay, everyone should be all set to enter name, email, and blog URLs! And for everyone who did it prior to this note, you're all set as well :)

  10. Yea! I looked up Tawni's info as soon as you mentioned her and saw she was closed for the moment, so glad to know she'll be back up soon. I really like her work and am so excited about the giveaway! Even if I don't win, I'm looking forward to working with her soon.

  11. Natalie -- the blog is looking gorgeous -- seriously fantastic. No wonder you're so delighted! This is such a generous giveaway too -- I'm not sure I'm ready for a redesign but I'm going to peruse Tawni's portfolio to see if anything catches.

  12. Wonderful giveaway! I'm with you on changing my design periodically because I haven't found one I'm completely sold on...thank you for offering this amazing giveaway and sharing more about your designer

  13. Your new look is FANTASTIC! So streamlined and clean. What a nice job Tawni did. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I always need banners or buttons or something for my site.

    (BTW, I subscribed to your blog with a different email than this one in case you check and think I'm lying!)

  14. I would love to win this! Like you, I'm not satisfied with how my blog looks, but I'm never sure how to make it better. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  15. What an awesome giveaway! I have no computer or graphic arts skills whatsoever, so I'd love to have a professional's help with my blog!

  16. Wonderful giveaway! I subscribe via email and gfc.
    Carmen Van Deursen

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