25 May 2013

The DomeAlong Starts Today...Are You Joining?

Have no fear! While the readalong technically starts today through July 27, everyone is of course starting whenever they want to and reading at their own pace. (Which is why there aren't dates on the buttons!) If you'd like to join, click here for the sign-up post.

A few questions came up over the past forty-eight hours, and I thought a quick post might be helpful.

I read fast and know I'll finish before the deadline.

Awesome! Just put together a post to collect and save your thoughts but schedule it to be published on the final date. That way, if you have spoilers you want to talk about, it won't surprise anyone by that point!

Er...the Twitter hashtag looks weird...
Yes! #domealong could be construed in a VERY WRONG way. Hence, #DomeAlong was born! Capitalize that D and A and no weird spammy things should come our way.

Is there anything I should be prepared for with Stephen King?
Great question for the new SK reader!

Stephen King likes to tell a story. And I mean TELL A STORY. Under the Dome is over a thousand pages, and he is always criticized for having too much story and that everything should have been edited down to 200 pages less. King meanders and tells a tale and he makes no apologies for it. Just give it time and stick with it and it will all make sense.

King is not just a mass-market horror writer. It's actually unfair to lump in that category. Does he write a lot of scary stuff? Of course. But anyone who has read 11/22/63 or On Writing, or even Lisey's Story, can tell you that there is so much, much more to his work than just meets the fearful eye. Give him a chance.

He does include the bizarre s3x scene or two that sometimes make no sense and really are just out of place. Meh. I'm used to it by now. Although there were a few things in IT I would take issue with.

The most important thing is that Stephen King has created this alternate universe and most of his books are somewhat linked together. When you've read a number of his books, you'll realize that characters from one book make an appearance in others, such as Dick Halloran in The Shining, who then makes an appearance as a major character in IT. Or Richie and Bev from IT making a cameo in 11/22/63. Castle Rock and Derry are regularly featured towns in Stephen King's books, they almost take on a life of their own. I also recently learned all of these intertwining tales and characters are crucial to The Dark Tower series, which is on my list to read sometime later this year or next, and only once I've read more of his other works that contribute to that series. There are many more Stephen King tips, so once you start reading his work, don't stop!

Other Notes 
  • Click here to visit the Official Stephen King page for any insights to the author and books. I'm particularly excited for one of his upcoming pulp novels entitled Joyland that he has chosen to not release as an ebook. Click here for an exclusive excerpt shared by HuffPost Books. His intent is for everyone to purchase it at an independent bookstore. Go, Indies! Not to mention that Dr. Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, will be out this fall. 
  • Click here for the Stephen King's Fans Goodreads' page, run by one of the readalong participants Angie!
  • Click here for my tiny Goodreads page for Stephen King and here for my other blog The Stephen King Project. It's been a rare posting or two on that site, but the goal is to get back into it all now that Uncle Stevie has motivated me yet again. I promise I will change the picture so it no longer reads 2012! 
  • Click here for The Stephen King Project on Facebook. 
  • And TWITTER! Don't forget to participate in the discussion on Twitter by using #DomeAlong.
And here are the official participants from Wednesday's sign up post. If you still want to sign up, please do, never too late. Click here to enter in your info and I will update the participants' list below. You can sign up at any time! And to fellow participants, please do what you can to visit each others' sites to read their kick-off post if they have one. And for those who aren't yet convinced to join the crazy train, give it time. You will...


  1. Gosh, you're almost talking me into it! But it's like a MAJOR CHUNK OF ONE'S LIFE to read a Stephen King book! LOL

  2. You are so convincing but I don't want another failed challenge under my belt. *sigh*

  3. Ok, I'm in! I have the audio loaded on my mp3 player and I'm starting now. I haven't read this one yet so I may as well listen before I watch the mini-series. And besides, Uncle Stevie is even better when read with a group.

  4. First off that is HILARIOUS about the twitter hashtag.. and I mean made me laugh out loud. I didn't even think of it that way. And thanks for the shout out for my goodreads group! I have been running it for years.. which is why it's embarrassing that I haven't read this book yet so this pushes me to do it! I am checking the other links you have up now!!!


  5. You already have a group of BRAVE individuals. You are gonna have so much fun! Anyone who is on the fence needs to just drink the KoolAid and join.

  6. OMG! I'm so tempted to re-read this one, but I have too many books on the TBR pile right now. All I know is that you all are going to love this book! It is such a great read - I can't wait to read everyone's thoughts on it. And, I especially can't wait to join in on all the tweeting about the upcoming mini-series! Enjoy the book!!

  7. I signed up initially but forgot to put Teri @ SnarkfestBlog as my name. Can you add me to this list?


  8. I have joined the fun. Reading and enjoying already.

  9. I'm hopeless with challenges, but you've made me want to read King on writing - I've heard he's very good - will check it out.