03 June 2013

World War Z Readalong, anyone? Starts..now.

CLEARLY, I cannot get enough of readalongs, especially those with movie or series adaptations right around the corner. I am also way too far ahead with the Under the Dome Readalong (40 participants!) since I'm currently at page 800 with only 200 left to go and two months left to finish. With my upcoming two-day business trip, I was faced with a dilemma with my 1,000+ page, five-pound copy: Do I bring the book with me when I know I'll finish it with nothing left to read, or do I take a break and read something else in-between?

With World War Z premiering in a few weeks, it seemed like the right thing to do to take a breather from all the awesomeness that is Stephen King, and dive into Max Brooks' bestseller to get me prepared for the upcoming movie. I've heard so much about the book that I still can't believe I've waited this long to read it.

So... do you want to join along? If so, link up below, write a post about it, and off we go!

The deets
  • Published 2006
  • Author Max Brooks
  • 342 pages
  • Readalong runs from June 5 to June 19
  • Readalong hosted here at Coffee and a Book Chick
  • Movie premiere is June 21
  • Publish a halfway post on June 12 (up through page 136, all chapters up to Turning the Tide)
  • Publish a finale post on June 19
If the movie trailer doesn't pull you in...

You in? If so, answer these questions:
  • Do you want to see the movie because of Brad Pitt? No.
  • Will you be watching the movie during the premiere weekend? Yep, but going to see a matinee on Sunday. No way will I see it on opening night!
  • What do you know about World War Z? Everyone seems to love it, I'm wicked behind and can't believe I haven't read it yet, and who can miss out on zombie stories done well?
  • What are you reading? Print, ebook, or audio? A print copy for me!

Here's the blog button. Join me!


  1. Oh, no! I desperately want to join, but I have so much left to read of Under the Dome! I still might join, depending on if I get a huge chunk of UtD read on my trip next week.

  2. I haven't started Under the Dome yet :( and now you have me wanting to read this one as well...OY!!!! Obviously I need to get busy!!

  3. I actually am going to start it, but not until next week! I have 2 other books that take priority first.

  4. Oh man, this sounds incredibly fun too! I have so many books to read already though... lots on my TBR and the Eclectic Reader challenges left, and some others I bought just for funsies. But I HAVE wanted to read this one for a while... I need to think about it (after I stop debating myself in this comment, of course) :p

  5. I don't have time for a readalong now, but I know I'm missing out! I need a break from zombie stories for a while, though, I think.

  6. Lovely blog! Please follow mine, it's new: readandlovebooks.blogspot.com

  7. I love love love this book. Alas since I am reading Under the Dome I must pass on the read along. But since I have read it I will for sure be commenting on your posts!

  8. I really enjoyed this book. The format works like a fascinating documentary and would work for any kind of catastrophic event.

  9. I am on the fence about this book AND the movie, to be honest. I have had some bloggers I respect that loved the book but I just can't seem to garner up any enthusiasm. Even Brad Pitt isn't helping the motivation!