12 June 2013

World War Z Readalong... Midway Post

I've made it to the halfway mark of World War Z and am ready to go for the last half. This is one of the most unique formats of a book I've ever read. I must say I now understand that it is not a book about zombies, but instead a book detailing the frightening breakdown of a safe and civilized society. Which is why the book is such a success. Had it just been about moaning, arm-stretching zombies then it would have fit into the same bucket as all the other stories out there that are hit and miss.

Instead, World War Z is uniquely constructed in a documentary-style format of three- to five-page interviews with a variety of people around the world. The interviewees are members of the military, scientists, filmmakers, bartenders, family members, and more, chronicling their part in the panic of it all. It's fascinating. I feel like I have a fat confidential file of interviews and I'm sneakily reading it.

Even more interesting is the discussion of how those who made money sitting behind a desk or brokering major deals are of absolutely no use in this new society. Instead, blue collar, skilled laborers are where the need now is, and if you don't have the ability to fend for yourself, you are classified as one who cannot contribute to society and must be trained into a new skill. Can you imagine the horror of those high-paid executives or lawyers, or members of government, who now must shovel manure to generate fuel or clean rooms? Scientifically fascinating on how it happens and the responses. Who becomes the real enemy? The zombies, that are more background based to the overall story, or ourselves and the pride and vanity that becomes such a shackle in the new world?

As with any collection of interviews, or stories, some are riveting (the family who moves further north and their experience at a lakeside campground, or the scene with the ships: disturbing) and others are dry. That's okay for me; it's a fast read and I'm enjoying it as a distraction from the fact that I was reading Under the Dome way too fast. I'm preparing for the movie release of World War Z and I can't wait.

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  1. I borrowed the audiobook from my library for a roadtrip next week. So, I'll miss the readalong, but glad you put it on my radar! Looking forward to it.

  2. This sounds so good! I am just finishing up my school year--tomorrow is my last day of work for a little while, and then I have a graduate class next month. But World War Z sounds like something I could squeeze in somewhere....

  3. I agree; it really is about more than just zombies. It really speaks to social and political issues of the day.


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